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Maxine quits. Nation loses kickass broadcaster.

Maxine McKew’s send off from Lateline (19mb) >> To comment and see more videos visit

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I’m not sure when I first got into Lateline, but I do remember it having something to do with Maxine McKew really putting Christopher Pyne in his place during one of the Friday night forums a few years ago.

Since then she has grown on me as an intelligent and honest journalist, a brilliant interviewer and engaging broadcaster. Tony Jones’ send off last night looked back at her amazing body of work and in his own words her ability to conduct “some of the best interviews ever done on Australian television”.

All this of course, in stark contrast to last Friday’s other farewell.

3 replies on “Maxine quits. Nation loses kickass broadcaster.”

Farewell Maxine, you are truly one of Australia’s great journalists, and you are a great example of how to be dignified on camera.

You are a fantastic contrast to many of the shallow and self obsessed ‘star’ ‘journalists’ fronting other programmes, and Australia is without a doubt, worse off without you.

Cya Maxine, you are the face of ABC and a true journalist. While other stars chase glamour, you have kept your dignity. Australia will miss not seeing you in TV.

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