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Naomi quits. Nation briefly more intelligent.

When angels fall. Naomi leaves TT (17.4mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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Naomi Robson’s five minute farewell certainly was a tear jerker (for her at least), and the cavalcade of well wisher was certainly impressive.. Kerry Stokes, and um, Steve Vizard.

Kochie and Mel’s invite to drop by Sunrise reminded me how rarely we saw Naomi outside of TT’s studio cocoon, and may be the reason that its so laughable that someone as unrelatable and insular as Robson thinks she can be Australia’s Oprah.

In summary: Fuck the autocue, I need to save a child you dummies!

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Oh quit the arguing. We all know that the SBS World News Australia beats Seven and Nine anyday. And I’m not joking.

Well Mary Kostakidis is great. Here in Adelaide, I watch NNN for local stories and SBS News for global edition Ah, the culture!

Adrian you can tell people to “Get over it all of you! Especially Nick Renwick ” because you have crapped on more then anyone else! just cause ur losing the battle !

Commercial news is a tough market,Stuart. So while I can admit that 7news won yesterday, NNN will bounce back by next week, and when they do, you won’t have the courage to admit NNN is winning,! Frankly, I’m regrettintg what I said about Sydney’s National Nine News! They’re Great!

Nine New’s should be abbreviated to SNN (Sydney Nine News) not NNN, what is National about Nine? It is the most Sydney-centric news source in the country. They have stripped all their newsrooms in the state capitols and now everything just about is out of Sydney and they don’t even try to hide it. I was horrified last night when i flipped past Nightline and saw the background behind another of their lifeless and arrogant anchors was a live feed of SYDNEY! on a NATIONAL broadcast! While I don’t agree with 7’s decision to move the 4.30 news to Sydney, they at least do not flaunt it and make it so obvious that is in in Sydney, they just have generic backdrops and good national news coverage.

Yeah, thats been bugging me too, Nick. You realise how at around 21.30 every night, you get a sport report from Melbourne with Tony Jones, behind him is the SYDNEY national backdrop! And in Adelaide [this ones been done for a few years] at 22.30 instead a local update they give you a national 2 minute rip-and-read[like on prime] update from melbourne with Jo Hall. Also noiced how the quality of Nightline[amonst other Australia-wide nine bulletins] has declined? 8 years ago nightline had different bulletins 4 each staTE 6 YEARS AGO Jim Waley presented 2 years ago half-way decent Kim Watkins[now hosts 9am]presented Currenly it’s presented by Michael Usher or[sic] BrettMc Loed.So, in conclusion do those updates happen on WIN and NBN as well or is it just in Adelaide, where apart from that our NNN is great!?

being observant. Brett Mcleaod is a Melbourne NNN fill in anchor, and not a very good one. Jo hall is nice though. I knew NNN was pretty cash strapped outside of Melb and Syd but I didn’t realise it was that bad. Ten also screws Adelaide and Perth, adelaide’s News at 5 is from Melbourne and Perth’s is from Sydney.

Ten news is the best, they don’t “milk the dead cow” but out of 9 and 10, I think 9 has SOME standards (if you can call them that)

TT is dead. Watch media watch, it makes channel 7 look like total d*ckheads

What will happen to What Have We Learned from Current Affairs This Week without Naomi? That 3 minute segment is more informative than a week of ACA & TT.

You know it was very easy to criticise Naomi but now that she is gone I think it is clear she had input and that input was to keep this new low level of crap out. Look you can clearly see Anna Coren’s input, in some investigations and prominant interviews but the filler, less important stories have sunk to an appalling low. While they still don’t just tell Sydney based stories or stories with a Sydney view point, like ACA, some of the stories are scary nationalist crap. Or just general, cringe worthy crap. So I think Naomi’s legacy was to keep tt of the basement floor! I miss her so. Also the Sydney tt set is horrid! The video, sound and set look like Anna is live from 1980’s Soviet Russia! And so many technical problems! Clearly the staff at Melbourne’e News and Broadcast centre were far more compitent. And that rings true with the Sydney produced 4.30News.

Oh my god…I am bout to explode with delight. I just got a letter from 7 melbourne, inviting me to be a part of the studio audience of Naomi’s new show!

5 months after it shifted to Syd, lost Naomi and goained the insufferable Anna Coren, tt finally has a new set, a fairly nice one too. Tho I am not sure about the city scape, a bit 2001 for me

John Howard was in the studio with Anna Coren tonight, and she asked him with a straight face “do you think Australia is safer now Muhammed Haneed is gone?” Now who can seriously tell me standards have not dropped since Naomi left?

Lovely…Today Tonight is digestible this week. Anna Coren is on holidays so Samantha Armytage is filling in. The teleprompter is FAR less stupid which makes me think Anna must write it…I miss Na Na…And for Christ’s sake people…WHY AREN’T YOU WATCHING SHARK ON SEVEN AT 9.30MONDAYS? IT IS BRILLIANT COURT ROOM AFFAIR. STANDOFF TOO, TUESDAYS 10.30 ALSO ON SEVEN IS SHARPLY WRITTEN, PACEY AND WELL ACTED. DAMN YOU PEOPLE!

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