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John Suchet wants you to rescan your Freeview.

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If only the biggest problem Australia had with its digital conversion was reminding people to rescan so they could get another two channels.

This neat promo for FiveLife and FiveUS has John Suchet reminding everyone to rescan for the new Five channels now available on digital.

-Thanks Craig for the video

4 replies on “John Suchet wants you to rescan your Freeview.”

Even the BBC haven’t had a send away thing for rescan info!

The digital box in that promo looks identical to my Sagem PVR!

Five scored one hell of a good detail with John Suchet. Didn’t he actually go into retirement after ITV News and was called into Five when that Scottish woman went on maternity leave? He now has a perminant job there. He actually appears to enjoy presenting at Five even with the wild news studio!

Five is becoming a bit more mature in its old(er) age, they seem to be putting a bit more effort into news since the Sky deal and their programming is much better since they stopped trying to be a poor-mans Channel 4. John Suchet is a well respected personality in the UK who, as Sean said, seems to be enjoying his time at Five.

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