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The United States of Five

The newest digital channel to hit Freeview (2.2mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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Channel Five just launched two new digital only channels, FiveUS is as you could probably guess for American programming and will include the likes of the CSI’s and some American sports.

The music in the first video is appropriately enough “Chicago” by Sufjan Stevens, which is an awesome awesome song in its own right.

The third video is the first three minutes of Five US introducing the new channel, and also features the song “America” by Razorlight.

Update: John Suchet reminding you to rescan for the new channels.

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13 replies on “The United States of Five”

That voice is SO annoying!

I would never watch that channel, particularly if they have an announcer with a voice like that!

Mmm… gorgeous. Does anyone know what the music is in the second video?

And yeah, that voice over really threw me too. Yuk!

I said this once and i will say this again… NO NO NO NO THAT IS NOT WHAT WE WANT FIVE!

Both of the bases their channels are covering have been done time and time again. And their are thousands of other programs they can show on TV which will help them do their bit for “Global trading”, like anime and indie amanation. Five could also think about propley distibuating some programs they dissed before.

I wonder what the parent comany, RTL, thinks about that?

Is the voiceover an attempt to show a bit of diversity of voices? This doesn’t sound quite as English as expected – good effort – but very, very disengaging.

I thought the voice over was Irish at first! Perhaps it’s authentic American! 😀 I’m happy with Five US because of the unlimited CSI! Mabye they should have launched in January when all the US shows are avaliable without week-long breaks and they’re able to show a wider variety of shows. My mum’s happy with Five Life because of the new Home and Away!

Hey, i was wondering what the music on the third video is ( right at the beginning, The snowboarding bit )

it can be heard on the FIVE site aswell… anyone?



I think the continuity announcer has an awesome voice. She sounds like Megan Dodds – who is American but does a lot of work in Britain – but I don’t know if it is her or not.

That is not an American accent. It sounds like a British adolescent who’s in training to talk like an American.

Just love the dulcet tones of Sally the announcer, lovely accent and really nice to talk to. She has done a lot of radio work and it is good to see how Sally’s career is progressing!!!


FiveUS just got a rebrand yesterday with a new name, Five USA, a really hideous logo, and the most boring idents I have ever laid eyes on.

Just wanna let you know.

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