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Podcastpalooza: Now all I need is a video iPod.

Media Watch gets podcasting (1.8mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

> Quicktime H.264
> iPod Compatible
> RealPlayer Media

Apparently the ABC is registering something like 1.6 million podcast downloads a month, the compares to the 3.5 million the BBC does, and considering the enormous difference in reach of the two broadcasters you’d have to say that is pretty impressive.

No doubt adding to an increase in that number is the new shows being added to the ABC burgeoning vodcasting venture. What started as just The Chaser’s War on Everything and JTV, has since grown to include Lateline, Lateline Business, Dig TV, and as of this week Media Watch and the new ABC2 show Good Game.

What’s next for the ABC though? At the Movies, Four Corners, News, Enough Rope, or hopefully all of the above.

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