Channel 4 Videos: Idents

Film4 to the Floor

Judi Dench and Ewan McGregor hawking Freeview (696kb) >> To comment and see other videos visit


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The first video is an extended promo for Film4 announcing that the channel will available for free, and the second video is a very funny and fairly random promo for the same thing featuring Judi Dench and Ewan McGregor.

Maybe there is some context I’m missing for the second video, or maybe its just meant to be that random/surreal kind of thing, either way, I likes.

Update: get some context after the jump courtesy of YouTube.

Another Update: it turns out these promos were directed by Kevin Spacey.

4 replies on “Film4 to the Floor”

This was a very good ad campaign that was simple and yet effective. I think it was done because i something we can all relate to. People calling on our doors about random things. Flyers in the sky..maybe not upside down. People in stupid outfits giving out leaflets. (these advert things im talking about were on a seperate ad where there was alot of film sars doing random things)

The second one was usually shown when channel 4 was going to advert break untill it altered on the Sunday to just the logo of film four.

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