ABC1 Videos: Chaser's War

ABC trials video podcasting for The Chaser and JTV.


The ABC has just announced that it will begin a video podcasting trial tomorrow of entire episodes of The Chaser’s War and a specially produced version of JTV.

The podcasts will be available for download Fridays evenings. The press release says that the podcasting trial will continue for the run of the two shows this year, (before hopefully expanding).

They couldn’t of chosen two better shows to trial this with, and I guess now my weekly Chaser highlights have officially been usurped, and if the thousands of times that the two full episodes of The Chaser that I offered for download are anything to go by this should be huge. I can’t wait to see where this lands on the iTunes top ten.

Visit the JTV and Chaser’s War websites for more info.

8 replies on “ABC trials video podcasting for The Chaser and JTV.”

I’m sure we’ll find a way to do it. They’re also putting dvds out (Vol 1 in August, Vol 2 for Christmas!)

They’re similar to the .mp4’s on this site, I don’t know about the .wmv’s though. It also contained a few bits of extra humour in the beginning. Nothing big, but still. The great part about this is it was released a full half-hour before the episode aired! So if you’ve got a super-fast internet connection, you can see it before most people!

The ABC site says that this is a trial, so if it is successful, the’d probably consider doing it to other shows.

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