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News through 4:3 eyes

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The opening of Canberra’s other full length local news, Win. I don’t know enough about the technical side of things, but they must be filming it with handycams because the quality is just horrible.

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Exactly the same as the Ballarat one except for the pic at the end, we have a overhead shot of Ballarat, were as you have Parliment House.

That was just pitifull! It’s disgracefull they aren’t 16:9! I have seen Prime and Southern Cross updates and weather (neither make local bulletins anymore) and they have been widescreen. You’d think the Nine Network would impose standards for their affiliates considering they are essentially using the same branding. But since their capitol city news broadcasts still feature Nine made stories in 4:3 (some look like they are on VHS) and they don’t blow up footage from the perennially backward US to look wider, then I doubt they would request WIN do that. From all reports Nine is the most technically antiquated news service. They still don’t have a fully digital network, nor digital editing services in many newsrooms and many still use physical tape and film which they cut together. Also they use 2 man news teams to run their old equipment whereas 10 and 7 only have 1 man teams and 7 in pariticular has the most advanced equipment in Australia.

Thanks John, yeh the quality is horrble and what is the set it looks like they are filimg out of the office window

WIN, from what I have heard, have widescreen capable cameras (I think they are even hard drive based ones).

The main problem is that the studio gear is quite old and only 4:3 capable. A digital playout server (which should get rid of the analogue tape problems) is coming either later this year or sometime next year according to the Content & Technology magazine.
Either way, the vision switcher and maybe the studio cameras (depending on if they have dedicated cameras for the studio or not) as well as some other gear would need to be upgraded.

WIN in Wollongong have newer equipment (you can see the transparency on the aston on the finance updates compared to the astons on WIN Canberra’s content. They also have a better quality picture (although they, AFAIK, are not running the new digital playout system)) and have a better PQ.

The Flashing dot i think is sposed to be on Canberra, the Ballarat one looks more like its in Horsham, they need to try and gety something right, i wish prime did a local news bulitin, it would run rings around win.

People who complain about WIN News’ PQ always seem to forget they pump out over 30 different news bulitens each weeknight, and it costs a lot to do what they are doing now, and although it could be better, it could be a hell of a lot worse

I totally Agree with you Matt but still they could try to use presenters that are remotley interesting. for instance we have Dennis Walter, he makes Mike Amourlook fantastic! he is just so bland and boring, whereas the prime news updates go for 3 minutes and are fresh and modern, Win is Just like Channel 9, old and boring.

I actually like Dennis Walter, he does a decent job of reading the news, and for the sort of news that happens in regional areas everyday, it fits well. Although the Prime news reader is good (I forget her name) the stories on Prime are different to the WIN ones, so the reader has to be different.

How could you forget the lovley Natalie Forrest’s name!!!! yeah i spose when i acctually think about it Dennis is good for the Win Bulitin, but i like it over summer when Garath Hall Gets a go. and what happened to Lucy Weddell? i loved her!!!!

OMG!!! win news is shit!!! if you happen to look in the canberra times the other week there was a section on prime beating win in the news ratings!!! funny i think, people are more interested in watching seven’s 6.00pm news than the local crappy win news followed by B-grade delayed national nine news!!! suck on that win, don’t be suck tight arses!! spend some money on ur news!!! and fuck off that old peter guy!!! omg he is shit!!!!

and seven news is a sydney based news edition!!! wow canberra must really hate win and win news – time for prime to return to the 6pm bullition!!! u’d win!!!

I actually produced the WIN news title sequences – and the reason they are not all glowing, singing dancing openers is down to money and time. We produced 24 different openers in 10 days, and budget restrictions meant that we had to get the local news cameramen to go out and shoot the end shot. On top of this we produced a slick and elegant news content package – that channel Nine decided to completely ignore and redesign themselves.

The openers for WIN were also produced and delivered in 16:9, so the 4;3 issue is most likely down to local trechnical contraints in the different regions.

It’s always very easy for people to criticize other’s work, but I am more confident that if anyone else was in the situaiton I was in, they wouldn’t have done an oscar winning piece either.

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