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Live from… well, not Melbourne anymore.

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The 4.30 News on Seven has shifted from its Melbourne home with Rebecca Maddern to a Sydney studio with Mike Amor.

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HAve You realised how many 7news repoters have defevted to TT,Nick? In Melbourne Clare Brady, and in Sydney MargiretteMcKinnon. Vice versa at ACA, with Simon Bouda going to NNN.

I have noticed that actually. It is interesting. And Bec seems to be doing the 4.30news everyday, maybe Sam is on holidays

In Breaking news, Naomi Robson has been fired by seven. Executives told her they won’t ever air her show, and with nothing else to do, they sacked her.

As far as I am aware she was told they may consider her show next year.

In other news, Sam is back on the 4.30. Bec is featuring in a new series of “that’s Melbourne” ads on 7. She and Sandy Roberts are also headlining an ad for a charity whose name escapes me.

Also I have discovered that Mia Greves would have never gone to 7 if Heatth o Loughlin didnt go to 9. They exchanged stations.

7News Brisbane sport reporter Ben Davis was bashed lived to air tonight on the 6pm news. Davis was doing a live cross to the Brisbane studio from Melbourne’s Olympic Park when he was beset by a group of men who jumped on him and beat him up. The cameraman kept on it, while shouting for them to stop. All of Brisbane got to witness this. It is headlining Melbourne’s 7News updates tonight with Jennifer Keyte. Police are investigating.

It was on sunrise so i saw it. Also sydneys 7news is ging to show the chaser footage and more tonight, they just showed it on the 4.30

Rebecca is the new face of “that’s melbourne”. The campaign to get Melburnians to explore the CBD used to run only on 9 with Livinia Nixon as the face. Now it is on Seven with Bec. Peter Mitchell also has a series of what’s on type ads called Mitch’s Melbourne.

In the Sunday 8.30 updates and (I think) the 9.30 weekday ones they have introduced a sport segment. Peter or Jen will say and now here is so and so with sport then it will go back to P or J for weather.

They have finally re-introduced the “live from Melbourne with Peter Mitchel” voice over and city fly over in our opening credits

N2B. I really want Perth’s 7news to be brung in line with every other 7news in australia. Also Adelaide is having their 7 studio moved from hackney to 100% digital studios at hindmarsh.

Another notable thing with summer coming up, there will be an anchor shortage. So heres wat i think will happen-
Nat & Beretts NEWS Talitha SPORT Simon WEATHER Sara
on break
7 MORNING NEWS(11.30)————
Mike Amor
7 4.30 NEWS————-
Bec Maddern WEATHER Rob Gell
Jessica Adamson SPORT Mark Soderstrom WEATHERJessica Adamson
WEEKENDRosanna Mangiarelli SPORT (DItto)

Plus for ur sake Nick
7NEWS at 6 (MELBOURNE)———–
Jennifer Keyte SPORT Tim Watson WEATHER ROb Gell
WEEKEND Bec Maddern SPORT Michael Felgate

If they get Bec to do the 4.30 hopefully they will do it Melb. Rob Gell is also there. But they will prob get Mike Amor to do both daytime bulletins. And don’y forget they have Jessica Rowe now. Today Tonight will be interesting. Who will do it? Sam Armtage? Then she doesn’t get a break. There was talk a while back about gettting Rebecca Maddern to do it. Many presenters do refuse to do it though. Like Chris Bath

Chris Bath was offered TT fill-in mamny many times, but she knocked all of the offers back.Personally, Ithink Bathy is to upmarket for TT. Summer TT WONT be Bec, if it is Sam, she will be working 7 days a week.Maybe J-Ro, but everything she touches turns to shite(TODAYYY), so they might not accept her. We have our probs here in Adelaide for TT.With Leigh gone , Rosanna was always the fill-in. But now i dont know whos gonna present.OMG got an Idea! netwoked TT-NAOMI!!!!!!!

It would be the best if they brought Naomi back. I doubt they would and I doubt she’d do it. It’ll be Bathy on weeknights in Syd, J-Ro on weekends, Sam on tt and Amor on the daytime bulletins. When Bec still did the 4.30 news in Melb and it came time for Peter Mitchell to go on hols and Jen do weekdays and Bec do weekends, Bec would do mon-wed on the 4.30 and either Jen or (then reporter) Jo Stone would do Thurs and Fri. Jo Stone was one of the women from the ABC Brisbane centre to get breast cancer. She must have come to 7Melb to get away from it all. Don’t know where she is now. And read in the paper that the melb newsroom just lost reporter Trent Evans to Sydney. Jen is on hols at the moment so Bec is doing our weekends. Lovely job she does too. She, Jen and Peter also hosted a show tonight at 6.30 called Absolutely Melbourne: Summer in the City. Was so good.

Im loving the new weather graphics on sunrise. One thing i dont understand is why does Monique need her own set when shes not on location.Why cant she sit with The rest of the gang?

I am yet to see the Weather Tracker. I can’t stomach those early starts. The old addage in journalism (which I am a student of) is that journos don’t do numbers, reverse parking or mornings. That sums me up.

It is really good to see Bec doing the 4.30 news again. From Sydney however. They are running her ragged…she started doing Melbourne’s weekend news last week.

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