ABC1 Videos: Chaser's War

Jonestown: The Magic and Myth of the Chaser.

The Alan Jones saga (8.6mb) >> To comment and see what else the Chaser had to say about Jonestown visit


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The Chaser’s take on the ABC, Alan Jones’ biography and a lot of him swearing.

As I’m sure most of you know by now ABC Books, the publishing arm of the national broadcaster has decided not to publish a book it commissioned about conservative radio personality Alan Jones. The book has been deemed “legally defensible” from defamation, nonetheless the ABC won’t be publishing it, for what they call “commercial reasons”, but what everyone else see’s as pressure from the government appointed board.

I know there will be people who’ll defend the way Jones’ behaves in the video bloopers, of course they are selective, but it says a lot about a persons character, its not like there are tapes of Ramona Koval swearing her head off and yelling at her staff.

For more on the whole issue visit the Crikey media section or read the Media Watch transcript.

(And for more Alan Jones being a jerk check out his closet recordings here)

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