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Big Brother: Where two plus two equals five.

Opening of BB UK on Four (4.6mb) >> To comment and see the Australian opener visit


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The UK and Australian opening sequences of Big Brother, is it just Australia, or do all Big Brother houses around the world get filled up with the same demographic of people? (Can’t think of a euphemism for “bogan“).

You learn something new everyday on Wikipedia, and in my attempt to bring you some sort of mildy informed commentary on Big Brother, I’ve come up with this…

In George Orwell’s book Nineteen Eighty-Four, the phrase ‘two plus two equals five’ is used to describe the control “the State” has over the people of Orwell’s dystopia, and the main character of the book, Winston Smith wonders that if everyone believes it, does it make it true?

But you could share in that future if you kept alive the mind as they kept alive the body, and passed on the secret doctrie that two plus two equals four.

It turns out that Radiohead also have a song called 2+2=5, which is meant to reference the symbol of unreality from the novel.

(Thanks Craig for the UK clip)

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The BBUK music is SO much better than the OZBB music.

I first heard it when they had the Big Brother house in Doctor Who last year!

I’m a brit, and I have been keeping up with the goings on of the AU house since it started; I feel it’s so much better than ours this year. I personally prefer the AU music and opening titles to the UK one.
Also, in the UK one, there’s a hidden message: YOU ARE BEING OBSERVED. It’s a bit random, but those words appear in that order.

I too like BBAU, however I like our version (BBUK)’s logo and graphics and music, but BBAU and BBUK are alike when it comes to tasks and plot twists unlike BB USA (which is boring and awful!)

lol if you ask me BB06 has copied a lot of the things we have done. But it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable to watch. BB UK this year is already terrible; I was telling people it wouldn’t get past week 2 before it even started. Maybe it’ll get better…

Something that was pointed out on Digital Spy:

Where it says THIS IS THE TITLE SEQUENCE FOR BIG BROTHER, underneath it says Channel Four Television and then the roman initials for 1903, which is when George Orwell was born.

And the words during the intro are various words related to being observed etc.

big brother uk does all the “big brother is watching you” all the way with the opening credit’s which is good because that what it is all about.The music is good .Not sure of the aussie intro doesn’t have the big brother watching you feel.

I’ll say this. Us Brits know how to make good TV. First the idents for BBC and C4, now the BB7 Opening. We’re just good.

Big Brother Aus is far better than UK, the Aus theme and opening titles are far better than UK’s pathetic 15 seconds opening titles!

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