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Public Broadcaster News

ABC news opener (6.3mb) >> To comment and see the other news openers visit


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Just to complete the set I started earlier, here are the openers for the ABC and SBS News’ from last Friday night, similarly dominated by the Snowy Hydro news, although SBS not quite as much.

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Yeh, I really enjoyed them – found the Aus ones interesting for presentation (‘fraid I prefer the UK ones) and for content covered in one day by the different stations.

Maybe someone could explain that CC thing in a box and the other thing I think is also CC on them all?

Is SBS World News taken seriously – it looks terrible, and what’s with the mood music during the headlines?

lee said
> Is it just me or does both of the openings have almost the same tune at the end??

They sound very similar. The current ABC News theme (composed by Martin Armiger) uses a key theme from the traditional (and original) ABC News theme, Charles Williams’ Majestic Fanfare.

If you listen to the original version of the SBS World News theme (as that was what it was called until last year) by Nigel Westlake (he’s done all the versions from about 1999), there is a certain section that sounds very much like the key theme from Majestic Fanfare which Armiger used.

The two themes are in different keys as well. Armiger transposed the theme upwards, whereas Westlake seems to have transposed it downwards.

Pure coincidence.

Thanks for the vids, too, John.

The little CC is shown for programs that are bradcast with closed captions, or subtitles.

To be honest, I actually preffered to previous ABC News package, and now it’s gone I rather miss it. I wonder if somebody has video of it somewhere?

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