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Commercial Network News (again)

New Nine news (5.2mb) >> To comment and see Seven and Ten’s news visit


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Its been nearly a year since I last compared the three commercial news opening sequences, and while not much has changed for Seven or Ten (except the Rowe thing), Nine have been tinkering away.

These were all captured last night, so they all compare the same stories, and they are all dominated by the backdown of the Prime Minister over the sale of the Snowy Hydro.

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Well, they may look fancy, but they can’t disguise what they are:

RUBBISH! Each and every one of them!

The actual concept of watching news with ad breaks makes me shake my head in disbelief.

Why would people watch news which is compromised by commercial interests, and filled with commercials?

And what is with that announcer on TEN? He sounds like a serial killer!

Should I ever be reminded of the fact that there is such thing as commercial news still baffles me. Up here in Canada, even the public broadcaster squeezes in a couple of commercials during their newscast, so it’s not just a choice but a matter of life.

In regards to the openers, they look a little more bold then what we have here. CBC News at Six is full of red, red, pictures of the city mentioned, and more red. Which baffles me given that their logo (It’s the broadcaster logo with “CBCNEWS” written on the bottom) has more of a blue tint.

CTV (Canada’s “Nine Network” that always brags it is the “number one television network” even though 99.9% of their programming other than news is American) has a blue and yellow colour opener that reminds me more of the flag of Ukraine than news. Never forget the shadow of the CTV News helicopter, which emulates many openers that date back to the 80s in Australia.

And last but not least, Global (which CanWest also owns along with Network TEN) recently created a new opener, and instead of a sea of red, they have a sea of green with red dots all over the place. Oh yes, third place ident for third place network, whose news no one watches.

For me, I stick to radio for news. Trust me, you guys down under have it better.

They certianly do look fancy. But I would much rather wait until 7 to see the real news on ABC.

One thing that pisses me off and I dont know why, that our local news, WIN news is STILL in 4:3 ratio?

How hard could it be to broadcast in 16:9? Not very hard I could imagine, I mean Prime and Southern Cross only do news updates, but they stil manage to have it in widescreen.

…ok rant over now

Great to see the news openers once again John

I think they are pretty good and i would have to say that these are better than the american ones and at least we have our newsreaders sitting at a desk and being more comfortable than standing.

Any way enough rambling
Well done John for bringing the 3 commercial network news openers again.


I started know about idents after reading this blog. Well done!

I just found the 6:30 evening news opening of Hong Kong’s commericial broadcaster TVB in youtube.

That day was the Budget day. Sorry is Cantonese, but graphics communicate beyond language 🙂

BBC got a countdown music. Hong Kong’s TVB always uses a morse code beeping (And it is rumoured to be translated as “tonight news”)

While Nine’s is the newest, god they kept the old theme a while, it just doesn’t have the same high quality feel that 7 and even 10 have. They didn’t unpdate their news sets, just tried to copy 7 with updateable backgrounds, not even live cameras! And frankly, at least here in Melbourne, nine news and aca are taking a punding from the 7news and tt, and while many may say they are much the same, they are but there are differences in reporting, the order of stories, the presenters etc which are just not as good on 9. And it is great to see Chris Bath, she is one of my favourites, and since she switched roles with Ann Sanders (from 10.30 news to fri-sun 6pm news in syd) I hardly get to see her anymore. I do like the ABC news and cleary the quality is higher, but it is falling, Media watch is picking that up and they don’t have the budget for as many live crosses, exclusives etc and they seem to be taking more and more straight from the BBC etc. Frankly the best bulletin on commercial television is Seven’s 4.30 News with Rebecca Maddern (made at Melbourne’s digital broadcast centre where all the signals for every 7 stattion or affiliate come from) and that is a thought shared by Melbourne’s green guide and the ratings, it is the 2nd highest rating national bulletin (Ten’s Late News at no.1, for the Sandra Sully factor)

oh and funny story about Ten News. Because they are so cheap, Perth’s nightly news is presented from Sydney, on the other side of the continent and 2 timezones away, and Adelaide’s news is presented from Melbourne! Both use presenters native to Melb/Syd eg. George Deneakian is a melb personality presenting for Adelaide and they recently tried to “demote” melb newsreader Jennifer Hanson to adelaide! for which she quit. we now have ex-nightline front woman Helen Kapalos. Is there any wonder that 7News wins in both Adelaide and Perth! 7 also produces locally hosted versions of tt for each of those markets.

Seven News is by far the best news service in Victoria! their presenters are always dressed best and dont droan on like Peter Hitchner and Tony Joans. Peter Mitchel is Channel 7’s best asset in terms of news and current affairs! ten news is too blue and 9 news is old and outdated with crappy backdrops and sets! love sevens live cam feature!

Has Anyone seen the National Nine News (NNN) in Perth it makes you feel sorry for them with a crappy bluescreen set and horrible cheap graphics. South Australia’s NNN uses the PBL Graphics then why can’t WA do the same? rant over now.

But Seven Has all of WA watching, NNN is the least watched News in WA and you can see why seven Perth has the best set in australia and the longest anchors in australia Rick Ardon, Suezanna Carr.

The thing about Nine news is perth and adelaide is that the nine network doesn’t now own those stations and they are not a part of the network Whereas 7 and 10 own all their branded mainland capitol city stations ( and 7 in QLD) and thus the 9 heviweights have no control over what the station owners in Perth and Adelaide do! Either way 7 news is better nationally, especially in Melbourne and from what I’ve seen, Sydney and Brisbane

Jessica Rowe isn’t the only thing to have changed, Chris Bath is now reading for 7 fri-sun and has boosted the ratings considerably. She is a real asset for 7. Speaking of which, where has Rebecca Maddern gone from the 4.30 news? While I like Jo Stone (a senior melbourne reporter) she is no Rebecca. Hopefully she is just having a few days off and isn’t gone for good!

I heard a little wispper that Rebecca has been replaced by the LA corespondent, Mike Amour i think his name is, he is back from the US and Anna Corren has filled his posistion. so it looks like Bec is back to the newsroom! petty, we won;t get to see her lovely face everyday!

I heard that too, however I think Mike Amor is going to take over Sydney’s weekend news while their weekday guy is on hols and Chris Bath takes over, it is between him and Samantha Amrytage.

Not to worry, Rebecca Maddern is reading 7Melbourne’s weekend news while Jennifer Keyte fills in for Peter Mitchell while he has a break during mid year non ratings. I assume Rebecca will do the 4.30 on mon, tues, wed and then have a 2 day break before the weekend, 7 tends to have its anchors work no more than 5 days in a row

Exelent, i love Bec Maddern, my dad works for her step-dad in Geelong. i say 7 should put her in the weekend spot all the time, she is far better that Jen Keyte. and who is this Jo Stone woman, were did they drag her from! not a fan at all!

Yeah, her step dad is Rex Gorell isn’t he? I too live in Geelong. We bought our last two cars from him, a mitsu magna and more recently a Colt. I like Jen Keyte but prefer Rebecca, Jo Stone is just some reporter they cleaned up. But think that is how Rebecca got to where she is, filling in occasionally for David Johnston, and she was just as unsteady then.

Yeah he most certainly is her step dad. i got my first car off him, a mitsu magna! i live in the western district down Warrnabmool way so i love going to geelong to see Melbourne TV! i really hate the Win and Prime promos, indents and everything else, it all looks cheap and crappy!

Ahhhhh! just watching a seven news break, Bec is wearing the same orange thing she wore on the 4.30 news earlier in the week! oh well, most of the sunday news crowd proberly won’t have watched the 4.30 news, just me, the uni student with nothing else to do!

Dido! But they dress themselves so they often recycle their outfits, Naomi Robson being the most noticable (i love her). Well warnambool can’t be any worse than Geelong. I can’t stand it here! I’m from Melb by way of Syd and geelong is just hell on earth, for so many reasons.

Yeah Geelong is bad! haha even the football team is shit! yeah naomi is bad for recycling her cloths! Warrnambool is great apart from the crapy TV reception and poor quality regional TV stations!

7 Melbourne just started running the best ads last night about how Sunrise, the 10.30 news with Ann Sanders, the 4.30 with Rebecca Maddern are all high rating and leading and now 6pm news with Peter Mitchell is Melbourne’s number 1!

Yeah saw them, and they are asking for viewers to send in photos of their family’s watching seven news, all part of the ‘Make the switch’ campaign! all the info is on the news website.

9 Perth seems to have generally crap graphics all round. Still the one for Shit Graphics.


I like 7’s the best…it just seems modern, upbeat, and fresh.

Quick question coming from this American: is this a newscast for all of Australia (like NBC Nightly News or ABC’s World Tonight) or a regional newscast (like WNYW, etc.) If those aren’t regional, what do your regional idents look like?

The newscast contains a mixture of local, national and global news. for instance during state election times, Seven News in Victoria would have a major focus on Victorian Elections, whilst New South Wales and Queensland may only focus a small part of the bulitin on the victorian election. Each state has its own presenters, For instance Melbourne and Victoria’s Seven News is presented by Peter Mitchell Whilst Sydney and New South Wales is presented by Ian Ross. i think that the news theme comes from a partnership Between Seven and NBC.

AHHHHH. I am outraged! Rebecca Maddern has been replaced by Mike Amor on the 4.30 7News! And it has been moved to Sydney! Why does every single national broadcast have to be out of Sydney! Melbourne regularly has the highest absolute viewer numbers and is the city with the highest amount of news viewers. The 4.30 news was high rating and Rebecca was very popular! Mike Amor is boring and bland!

7news uses a variation of the John Williams’ composition The Mission. The rights were sold to both seperately. However, when seven commissioned a revamp of their on air news image, 2-3 years ago, they had the song altered and re orchestrated. Seven and NBC have had a close relationship over the years, and still do with news sharing. In the past however they have shared on air slogans etc. As for the question on regional indents, unlike America, the Australian networks maintain a uniform on air image for all their stations. for example, the seven Network owns and operates stations, all branded as 7 with the same programming etc, in each of the five mainland capitols (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide) as well as stations in regional Queensland. This arrangement is the same for the Ten Network, not withstanding Queensland. Nine however only owns its Stations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and strangely, Darwin. However there are Nine branded stations in Perth and Adelaide, they just aren’t network owned. ABC and SBS are government owned and operate in all major and regional markets with wholly owned stations. As for the regional (country) areas, each of the commercial networks have a close affiliate agreement with one or two regional networks, 7 has Prime, 9 has NBN/WIN and 10 has Southern Cross Ten. These regional networks operate stations in most large regional markets under a uniform brand, taking almost all content from their network affiliate. Some of their stations produce local news bulletins (eg. Prime News Albury) but most just show the news from their network from each state’s capitol city. All the networks produce a local news bulliten in each capitol city to be shown throughout the state. Each of these have the same graphics, and share resources etc. In addition to this, 7 and 9 have national breakfast programmes, Sunrise and Today respectively. Both made in Sydney, Sunrise being the successfull one. Also 7, 9 and 10 each make national news bulletins throuout the day, eg. 7 Morning News at 10.30, Nine and 7 have the 4.30 news or as nine calls it The Afternoon edition. 7 makes an extended news update at 10.30 everynight, while Nine has Nightline (very crappy) and Ten has Ten’s Late News. The ABC also makes state based 7pm bulletins and a national Midday News. SBS however only makes one, SBS World News at 6.30pm, for the whole country with no regional editions. In addition to this 7 and 9 make public affairs programmes at 6.30pm. Today Tonight on 7 and A Current Affair. ACA is a national broadcast hosted by Tracy Grimshaw, which is very successfull. tt has three versions, one for the east coast (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne) hosted by Naomi Robson out of Melbourne then another version for Perth and another for Adelaide. This is getting long and complicated, for more info go to,,, and also wikipedia has alot of info and pictures.

Oh and lets all write to 7 and tell them how unhappy we are that Rebecca Maddern has been removed in their power play! I have. She will be presenting 7News Melbourne tonight, while Jennifer Keyte Fills in for Peter Mitchell on weekdays while he goes on holidays, it may be the last time we see her anchoring for a while!

Yeah bring back Bec. I don’t understand why Sydney is the HQ for all the networks, whats wrong with Melbourne or Brisbane people! i understand that Sydney is fairly centeral but given that all Sevens programing comes out of the digital thing in Melbourne, it would make sense to have your HQ there as well! anyway i am writing to 7 as well, i think they need to put Bec in Sat and Sun all the time, give Jen Kyete the flick!

Yeah I agree! and did you notice, today being the first edition with Mike Amor, that they tride to be devious and hide the move by continuing to use the back drop of the melbourne news room and use a satellite link to still ge the weather from David Brown, the delay was obvious and also it was cleary the Sydney set when they did zoom outs etc. Poor Rebecca, she has been sent back to reporting and would no doubt be taking a pay cut, I really prefer her over Jennifer Keyte and Peter Mitchell, I still like them I just prefer her.

Yeah i did notice the way they tried to pretend we were still getting a Melbourne production. Mike Amour is bland and boring. everyone knows that the 4.30 news is now coming out of sydney so why do they keep pretending.

I know! it’s outrageous! Mike is a plain as an arrow root buscuit, to use a kath and kim phrase. I was thinking about this, and talking with a friend in Sydney, that it’s not only Rebecca getting a raw deal, in Sydney, Samantha Armytage was always the back up 10.30 and 6pm and holidays news reader and now she has been bumped back too. It is clear now, from them trying to hide the move and other details, that the decision really had nothing to do with where it was made or who presneted it or how popular she was, if it did they still wouldn’t be using Melbourne’s weather service, it was purely favouritism within the news executives. Mike has been with the network for years, has done his duty at the US office and has come back demanding work, and they’ve said sure you can take Rebecca’s job, she can’t defend herself, she’s in another city, and we hardly know her.

Oh and in The Eye section of yesterday’s Melbourne Herald Sun, there was a large shot of Rebecca modelling a demin dress for jeans for genes day, it also had a brief blurb about her final sign off, and how she has been replaced but will still be fill in news reader for Melbourne.

Yeah i noticed that he was on the 10.30 today, how many jobs does the man want, and you forgot Anne Saunders who has been reading the 10.30 for a while as well. i will now go and have a peek in the Sun, missed it yesterday! Has anyone else noticed that Win in Western Vic is no longer showing the 11.00 news from nine? we seem to be getting Gutty Ranker ads!

I think Ann Sanders is just on Holidays, but who knows, Mike could be gunning for her job too!

WOuldn’t put it past him. Just sent an Email off to Win to try and find out why they arn’t showing it down here.

I have a feeling it is ‘Cool Hand Luke’, its nearly imposible to find a current version on the net anywere

Could anyone please tell me if Melbourne Ten News newsreader Helen Kapalos is filling in for Sandra Sully from tonight 22/1/07 on Ten’s Late News.

Apparently she is presenting tonight, will be interesting how they will use the set as they would have to use the Melbourne Ten News set, unless they would go to the trouble of projecting the Sydney news room behind her.

7’s theme song is The Mission by John Williams i beleive, however 7 has re worked it from the original many times over the years to what it is now

I was just reading in the Herald Sun that Peter Hitchener, who reads Nine News Melbourne on weekdays, and has done for 10 years, is gay. Good on him I say.

Glad that someone out there took note of the news openers in my hometown, HK.

TVB has, FYI, changed its news opener twice since that time, and it’s transmitting in 16:9 full widescreen now on digital. International news, though, is still in 4:3.

And yes, the morse code IS identified as ‘News Today’, in english.

Part of the Seven theme song(right before they go into the presenter) is from NBC’s theme song, The Mission by John Williams

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