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The Chaser’s War on iPod (again)

Last nights episode (160mb) >> The best show on television your not watching. For more head to


In March this year I offered for download an entire episode of the Chaser’s War in response to a Hack story I heard that Australian’s were now the biggest downloaders of TV in the world.

This time though, I’m doing it simply because its the best show on television your not watching at the moment. Its relevant, funny and creatively confrontational. Its in an unfortunate timeslot though, so if you haven’t caught an episode yet, try it…

> iPod Download 160mb (right click + save)

The next two weeks are “Best Of’s” but it returns to the ABC at 10.15pm on the 23rd of June with a new episode.

(To watch you’ll need iTunes, Quicktime or VLC)

6 replies on “The Chaser’s War on iPod (again)”

this is definitely the best aussie comedy in ages.. really puts stuff like ‘the wedge’ to shame.

is it possible to put the rest of the episodes online?

i do agree though, i would go and buy them all if they sold them on the iTunes video store. something worthwhile for the ABC to think about.

Can you get the “shit boring golf classic” up here? i forgot which episode it’s on, but i’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out. i think it was 3 weeks before the best of eps

That was the worst episode of “The Chaser’s War on Everything” I had ever seen. I barely laughed. Poor effort.

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