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“Yes, they call that journalism..”


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One day after I wrote my previous post where I quoted a snippet of Today Tonight’s Naomi Robson questioning what is and isn’t journalism, the ABC’s Media Watch decided to repeat the piece for us all to enjoy (and for me to record).

Tonight’s Media Watch went on to blast Today Tonight a little more about a miracle fat loss device that turns out wasn’t approved by the FDA, which TT had to apologise for and followed that up by a story the same night about a cosmetic that claimed a little too much that the TGA is now investigating… good work gang, I’m so proud this show gets a primetime slot.

ABC1 Videos: Chaser's War

“And you call that journalism..”


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Short piece from The Chaser’s War on Everything about the media’s coverage of Beaconsfield.

And you call that journalism..

That line didn’t actually come from this video, but I did see Naomi say it on Today Tonight this week standing out the front of the Beaconsfield Mine responding to an article in Sydney Confidential that she had a luxury trailer. Whether or not its true, she’s hardly one to question what is and isn’t journalism.

ABC1 Videos: Chaser's War

Surprise Spruiker: Medibank Private


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Usually security picks it up and carries it away

The surprise spruiker hits Medibank Private and doesn’t get the usual treatment.

ABC1 Videos: Promos

The ABC Brand (David and Margaret in bed finally).


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This sixty second video is a cinema ad for the ABC brand as a whole, it highlights the way that the ABC has infiltrated our national lexicon and generally influenced our culture.

Its more light hearted then the BBC brand pieces (here, here and here), but the ABC is different to the beeb, and I like that they highlighted the creative contribution the ABC has made to Australia.

The video references Playschool, Kath and Kim, Bananas in Pajamas and At The Movies, although I’m not sure what the shower scene is meant to be referencing.

It was made by Sydney agency Host and as always the iPod compatible version is available from the podcast (launches iTunes).

(Thanks for video Mitch)

ABC1 Videos: Idents

There’s more to.. seasonal idents


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Just some ABC idents I’ve seen lately, the first video seems to be Autumn specific.

ABC1 Videos: Openings

There’s more to.. the Rose d’Or


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The Rose d’Or from what I’ve read is a kind of “Oscars of Television” and the awards have been given out in Lucerne, Switzerland since 1961. An Australian has never won a golden rose until now.

And not to be out done two prizes were won by Australian’s, and both from the ABC.

Chris Lilley won for best Male Comedy Performance for The Nominees (aka We Can Be Heroes) and the documentary Girl in a Mirror about photographer Carol Jerrems by Kathy Drayton and Helen Bowden won the Arts and Specials Award.

I heard Chris Lilley on the radio today, and like me he hadn’t heard of the award (he didn’t go to Lucerne for the ceremony) although he said that the gravity of the award and the past winners has started to sink in. He also said he’s in pre-production for a new show that he couldn’t talk about for the ABC and did mention that he hopes to do a second season of We Can be Heroes at some point.

ABC1 Videos: Idents

ABC Kids


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Its not much, but then again it is for children, its a nice introduction to the lissajous for kids, and I do like the dropped ‘c’ in the logo.

Maybe one day it will be its own dedicated channel again.