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The ABC Brand (David and Margaret in bed finally).

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This sixty second video is a cinema ad for the ABC brand as a whole, it highlights the way that the ABC has infiltrated our national lexicon and generally influenced our culture.

Its more light hearted then the BBC brand pieces (here, here and here), but the ABC is different to the beeb, and I like that they highlighted the creative contribution the ABC has made to Australia.

The video references Playschool, Kath and Kim, Bananas in Pajamas and At The Movies, although I’m not sure what the shower scene is meant to be referencing.

It was made by Sydney agency Host and as always the iPod compatible version is available from the podcast (launches iTunes).

(Thanks for video Mitch)

9 replies on “The ABC Brand (David and Margaret in bed finally).”

Isn’t it great? Unfortunately I think it’s only showing in Sydney cinemas at the moment.

The shower scene is cryptic, but apparently it refers to Rage. It was a deliberate move to have both obvious and subtle references, so that viewers could gradually uncover the meanings at repeated viewings.

That’s terrific, especially the “What’s through the round window?” bit. It really does show the cultural influences of the ABC over the past 70-odd years. The last bit is great, too.

I’m not that keen on it. All the references seem pretty forced, so the humour doesn’t feel very natural. I prefer the BBC ones (particularly the BBC News in Kabul one) – they have a bit more class.

Unfortunately I think it’s rubbish. Apart from the fact that it is so forced, what exactly is it advertising? Historical awareness?

I am a great fan of almost everything the ABC does and I “consume” a lot of their programming, but that ad is just embarrassing!

Gotta disagree with you Kev, it’s a skillfully executed ad and as noted by others really shows how ingrained Aunty and it’s works over it’s many years have become into the Australian culture and identity.

Personally, in a time where the ABC is constantly fighting the federal government for funding to keep up it’s mission to serve the australian people, the broadcaster is obviously having to do more to make the wider public aware of the benefit it provides to the Australian community at large. Anything our national public broadcaster can do to increase viewership which hopefully can translate into funding is a good thing.

Frankly, I hope they do get a boost in their funding and I whole heartidly agree with the points raised by Pam Casellas, Entertainment Writer for The Worst Australian (It’s actually the West Australian, us sandgropers just attach that monkier to it) this Saturday. She summed it up quite well with her article “Logies quality TV goes down the tube”. There is not nearly enough local content being produced, specially when compared to just 10 years ago. We had great shows such as Mercury, Full Frontal, Police Rescue, Witness, Murder Call, Race Around the World, and too many others to name. What’s left now, i’ll be hard pressed to recall anything notable produced locally off the top of my head before I complete this sentance.

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