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“Yes, they call that journalism..”

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One day after I wrote my previous post where I quoted a snippet of Today Tonight’s Naomi Robson questioning what is and isn’t journalism, the ABC’s Media Watch decided to repeat the piece for us all to enjoy (and for me to record).

Tonight’s Media Watch went on to blast Today Tonight a little more about a miracle fat loss device that turns out wasn’t approved by the FDA, which TT had to apologise for and followed that up by a story the same night about a cosmetic that claimed a little too much that the TGA is now investigating… good work gang, I’m so proud this show gets a primetime slot.

3 replies on ““Yes, they call that journalism..””

Once upon a time there was a princess, called Naomi.

She wanted to be famous and loved throughout the land.

But she had no talent!

‘oh no, how will I ever get to be famous with no talent!’ she cried.

Until she discovered a magical land that existed where the only famous people were untalented. In fact the less talent you had, the more famous you became!

‘Hooray!’ she said, and packed her bags, ready to travel to this amazing new country.

Soon she arrived in the new country, called ‘chanelsevn’

She was amazed: ‘Wow, look at all these untalented famous people!’

‘looks, there’s Grant Denyer!’
‘There’s Darryl Somers!’
‘There’s David Koch!’
‘There’s Geena Davis’
‘And Kate Ritchie and Andrew O’keefe and Joanna Griggs!!!’

‘HOORAY! I will really fit in well here.’ She said.

And Naomi lived happily ever after.

As for the rest of us…

Distorted journalism, that’s what I say.

Whoever thought that journalism has to be impartial and high-brow must be living in a media utopia. There’s going to always be the bad apple hanging on the apple tree.

Now if only the commercial network here (CTV) stops reporting what the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation already reported six months earlier.

I really really dislike Naomi, when all this was happening Tracey Grimshaw from ACA always looked bery natural and tired, as did every other journalist on site, except for Naomi, she always looked over done! Tracey was on the Today show at 6am then still on aca at 6.30! were was naomi, she only ever apeard at 6.30 for TT. sorry Naomi, you just don;t do it for me!

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