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Summer Heights High: Enrolling this Wednesday.

UPDATE: The ABC will be offering downloads of Summer Heights High here.

UPDATE 2: The ratings are in.. Wednesday’s rock the ABC.

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In May last year Chris Lilley became the first Australian ever to win at the prestigious television awards, the Rose d’Or. He won for best male comedy performance in his show, We Can Be Heroes, which introduced us to among others, his character Ja’mie.

Ja’mie is back this week, with Summer Heights High starting Wednesday on the ABC.

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There’s more to.. the Rose d’Or


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The Rose d’Or from what I’ve read is a kind of “Oscars of Television” and the awards have been given out in Lucerne, Switzerland since 1961. An Australian has never won a golden rose until now.

And not to be out done two prizes were won by Australian’s, and both from the ABC.

Chris Lilley won for best Male Comedy Performance for The Nominees (aka We Can Be Heroes) and the documentary Girl in a Mirror about photographer Carol Jerrems by Kathy Drayton and Helen Bowden won the Arts and Specials Award.

I heard Chris Lilley on the radio today, and like me he hadn’t heard of the award (he didn’t go to Lucerne for the ceremony) although he said that the gravity of the award and the past winners has started to sink in. He also said he’s in pre-production for a new show that he couldn’t talk about for the ABC and did mention that he hopes to do a second season of We Can be Heroes at some point.