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Morecroft vs Tynan

Richard Morecroft vs Jacinta Tynan on The Chaser (26.6mb) >> To comment and to see other Chaser and ABC videos visit


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This is my last Chaser post until next weekend I promise, but this face off between ABC veteran news reader Richard Morecroft and Sky News reporter Jacinta Tynan seemed too cool not to share. Its basicaly just a read-off between the two of them over some testing autocue dialogue.

I knew this show would be funny, I loved Today Today, but I just didn’t think it would be this good.

Sorry about the size of the H264 video, but don’t forget there is always a slightly smaller iPod version available through the podcast. I know I’m stepping on enough copyright as it is but I’d upload whole episodes if I didn’t fear the wrath of ABC legal.

7 replies on “Morecroft vs Tynan”

Did anyone think Jacinta Tynan looked kind of strange? I mean being from Canberra I’ve seen her for ever (didn’t she used to be the win weather girl), OK maybe was strange make up, but I thought she just looked a little… odd.

I think most newsreaders are going to look weird when they’re not in their usual surroundings, and she was dressed casually, Morecroft on the other hand looks the same as ever (must be the suit).

That was such an awesome segment on Chaser’s War on Everything. I thought Jacinta Tynan had the harder script though.

Well, to be quite honest with you guys, I have had to learn French into Grade 9 (It’s the law in my part of Canada) and once you learn “Je suis” and why the apostrophes are there… well it’s a breeze to pronounce (and “Je suis ce que je…” et cetera is just translated to “I am what I am what I am…”. Morecroft I think had the harder script.

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