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What journalists will do for money.

The ACA opener from Nine (4.0mb) >> To comment and see other Nine videos check out


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After the response to my Today Tonight post I thought I’d upload the ACA opener. Living in Canberra, TT and ACA don’t clash, so I get a full hour of wasted primetime from 6.30 every night.

Seeing as I recorded A Current Affair tonight I thought I’d watch a bit, and it didn’t dissapoint! It was textbook crap, starting with a great story about angry parents fighting bureaucracy (there’s that word), followed by a dogdy removalist, followed by a hidden camera expose on fish, and it all ended by giving us all some false hope about how “you too can win millions from competitions” if you just enter heaps of times.

2 replies on “What journalists will do for money.”

i rekon the new ACA set is a hell of a lot better than the old one shame the opning credits can’t be as good. has any one noticed the scrappy nine news in perth bad blue screen set with bad graphics oyu can tell its not produced by PBl

ps love the new nine logo and idents and i like the way it says this is channel nine although not may people do

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