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Let this be the start of something


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More4 is a new digital channel from Channel 4, its intended (as I understand it) to compete for the viewership of the BBC Four crowd. It launched on October 10th this year and has the rights to such programs as The Daily Show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and The West Wing from which this ident is from… segway…

Speaking of The West Wing it was revealed last month that Channel Nine had sold the rights to air the show in Australia to the ABC. This kind of thing happens all the time, but usually between commercial networks such as Nine selling Smallville and The O.C. to Network Ten. Whats so exciting about this is that as far as I can tell this will be the first US drama originally broadcast on a commercial network to get a new life on the ad-free ABC.

Like many shows Channel Nine dumped The West Wing from its schedule mid season, thanks to BitTorrent overly commited fans like myself get to stay up to date with the show, but I’m so glad the ABC has picked it up and I can’t wait to watch it on our public broadcaster. I hope this isn’t a one off because there are some badly abused shows on commercial TV that I would love to see on the ABC or SBS, starting with;

1: Arrested Development
I know the show has been basically cancelled with its third season run being cut from 22 to 13 episodes but I would love the ABC or SBS to prove that good promotion of this brilliant show can get an audience, it doesn’t seem to of really taken off anywhere in the world and thats no doubt due to it not rating well in the US and therefore every other network in the world assuming it can’t rate well.

2: Gilmore Girls
Say what you want about my masculinity but this is stand out show (with a stand out cast.. Lauren Graham), its pathetic that Channel Nine run it only in summer, and to make it worse it is the non-ratings period replacement for Funniest Home Videos. When was the last time Norman Mailer or Madeline Albright guest starred on Funniest Home Videos?

3: Six Feet Under
The final season finished months ago in the US, and thankfully I’ve been able to see it, but when will the rest of Australia get a chance Nine? Its a brillant show and a 9.30 slot on ABC would rock opposed to the fluctuating 11-12 slot it gets on Nine (thats if it ever gets an airing).

The list could go on (Scrubs, Family Guy..), but I think my rantish point has been made.

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You’ll probably be happy to know that Channel Nine’s bringing back Gilmore Girls on Saturdays at 6.30pm (starting today, 3/12/05).

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