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The SBS of Top Gear


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Along with the new idents, SBS has started to stray away from the subway theme when it comes to their promotions. I really like the addition of the mosquito, and the general layout and design of them is excellent.

I was hoping to upload a promo for Top Gear, which starts on SBS next Monday at 7.30pm but haven’t seen one with the mosquito so far. If you haven’t watched Top Gear before please don’t be turned off just because you’re not that into cars, its so much more then that. It’s a gloriously shot, eloquently produced, witty and engaging show with some of the best filming I’ve seen on TV. The hosts (Jeremy, Richard and James) have an really good dynamic and the elaborate races and set ups they do are amazing. And I don’t just mean races around the track, I mean a Renault Clio vs. a mountain bike through Lisbon, a Mercedes SLK vs. a boat to Oslo and an Ashton Martin vs. the bullet train to Monaco and a plane vs. a Ferrari to Switzerland.

Oh, and please whatever you do, don’t watch Drive TV on Ten, it’s a horrible attempt to copy Top Gear, instead of the Stig, they have the Chip, instead the magnetic leader board on Top Gear, they have the Shell Optimax Hot Lap, and instead of witty intelligent hosts they have some Fairfax hacks.

I like Top Gear for the same reasons I like idents, I hope you get a chance to appreciate the show too, and I hope any of that made sense.

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I thought it was great when I read SBS were going to be showing Top Gear, I know you can get it on BBC World, but it’s not the same as the full fat version. Hugely entertaining (and you’re right, you don’t have to be a complete petrol head to enjoy it) it’s so much better in it’s current format than it used to be – and what Fifth Gear now is I think it’s beautifully shot, mind you some of the locations tehy go to are pretty spectacular. Knowing what a revhead nation Australia is I hope it get the audience it deserves.

By the way, watch out for the full size remote controlled car races in a disused quarry – with oposing presenters in the back seat!

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