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UK: BBC One ‘Dock’


> RealPlayer Stream (1.1Mb)
> RealPlayer Stream: SE Varient (604kb) (Thanks again Martin)

I just love BBC One idents, and this is no exception. The first link is for the ident I captured while I was in the UK, and the second is slightly longer version, and is the BBC South East varient.

BBC One is also apparently planning to ditch its current idents for a new set of promos some time in the future, should be interesting to see what they come up with. The Guardian also had an interesting rant about how idents are a waste of money.

Who or what will now replace them? Who cares? Only one thing is certain: a very large sum of money will be spent to provide something new which we could all quite easily live without, something which, you can be sure, will be scrapped after a year or so.

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I personally think that out of all of them, the Skateboarders were the best, and they should play that one out when before they change to new Idents.
The dancers have been a bit controversial, in one of the idents (the acrobat one) one of the dancers died, from her injuries. (forgot why)

And also got the Kiwi’s a bit pissed at BBC ONE after they showed the Haka Ident (preformed by the Welsh Rugby team, whch they no longer show).

I’m all in favour of them bringing back the globe, it’s been a symbol of that channel for 40 years and I like the BBC News globe, if they did something a bit like that, then it would look good.

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