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Crime time on Prime, Seven.. and Five?

I was recording Prime tonight, and as I flicked through the ads I noticed this promo for “Crime Prime Time Wednesday” that looked amazingly similar to a crime promo I saw while I was in the UK for Channel Five.

I hadn’t recorded a copy while I was in London but I did find footage online at The TV Room. If you compare the two you quickly realise they use the exact same footage. I’m going to assume Channel Five created the footage originally, it’s just weird that they would sell it to another network to use, well that or Seven stole it.

> RealPlayer Stream: Prime Promo (1.7mb)
> RealPlayer Stream: Five Promo (900kb) (Via TV Room)

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It’s not that uncommon for networks to trade ident material internationally. Nine acquired or approriated it’s “The One” then “Still the One” campaigns from ABC in the US though they’ve certainly made it their own. Seven’s 2003/04 ribbon promos (ribbon unfolding over cast set against white) resembles Fox promos from 2002. That said, to use the same footage is a little weird…

True. Seven bought the ident from FIVE in the UK. Totally not uncommon and makes great business sense as those things are really expensive to produce. The trades do go the other way too. UK regularly buy promo product from OZ.

Yeah true. Remember the Seven idents from 2000 with the cast playing with the channel Seven logo? You know the “Men in Tights” campaogn? You had the Weakest Link’s host eating them at one stage. Channel Seven got the idea from NBC in America where Finch from Just Shoot Me was the one eating the NBC ‘Men in Tights”.

Those Men in Tight Idents were used from August 2000. The “Colour Bar” Idents wre the first of that logo in January 2000.

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