BBC Four Videos: Idents

UK: BBC Four x 4 (+1)

I love these BBC Four idents, they’re everything idents should be, visually engaging and a little pretentious. I knew what to expect when I switched on BBC Four (well as much as this sketch from Dead Ringers could have taught me).

My favourite of these is probably “Brit Pop”.


> “This is BBC Four” RealPlayer Stream (232kb)


> “Personal Traumas” RealPlayer Stream (540kb)


> “Brit Pop” RealPlayer Stream (1.1mb)


> “The Man Who Deciphered Linear B” RealPlayer Stream (1mb)

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These Idents are special, because the graphics interact/move when the every time the continuity annoncer speaks, I like BBC Four, very intelligent channel.


Thanks Jon – BBCFOUR idents are my favourite idents of all – and there are almost none on the web. In fact I think that your post here doubles the number available!

THey are so graceful and elegant – very fitting for this channel I gather.

THankyou so much!!!

Andy OZ (to differentiate myself from the other Andy!)

Guess what?

The BBC have just announced that they are scrapping the BBC FOUR idents!!!

They are replacing them with images from nature etc

Far less interesting, imo.

Oh well – we have these streams!

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