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Meet the evangelical Christian and management wonk who’s running your ABC.

Aunty’s latest boss is its most surprising one yet – an evangelical Christian who’s fluent in management-speak. One year into his tenure, Mark Scott talks to Caroline Overington about his big plans for our cultural behemoth.

Read the article in full online, or in The Weekend Australian Magazine.

Yep, I just bought a brown Saab.

… a 2002 Saab 9-5 Arc 2.3t.

Will get ads? with ads

The Managing Director of the ABC unvieled a new plan for the national broadcasters digital future yesterday. While I look forward to more video content online and expanded podcasting (apparently the ABC is the “largest creator of podcasting material in the world “) I’m less enthusiastic at the idea of the ABC carrying ads online.

I know there is the obvious argument that it will bring in revenue with very little effort, but I just believe that we are so fortunate to have a commercial-free national broadcaster. To quote Crikey the ABC needs to remain a “non-commercial public meeting space – a town square rather than a shopping mall”, its something other countries aren’t lucky enough to have and I think we should protect it.

Is this the new

the new

The ABC has been talking about relaunching their news site for a while now, and if the above screenshot I recently received in my email is to be believed you could be looking at a draft of the national broadcasters new news frontpage.

Only time will tell I guess.. click the screenshot for a better look.

en France 19th – 28th Janvier

identsfr - Twango

I’m going to Paris for the week, I leave tomorrow, and get back the following Sunday. So I won’t be in Canberra for Australia Day, but I guess I can still listen to the hottest 100 online.

Playing with Flash: Is RealPlayer dead?

Last year 15% of the downloads from this site were RealPlayer (about 70% were Quicktime), and so far this year Real has accounted for less then 4%. With almost everyone having Flash installed I thought I’d test out the format for myself.

I’ve replaced the RealPlayer format with flash on all posts so far this year, I’ve supplied the code if you want to embed it somewhere else. I’d love to hear if it works for you and what you think.

Richard Hammond


Richard Hammond has been seriously hurt while filming a segment for the upcoming season of Top Gear. For more read this, and lets hope he recovers.

iPodpalooza 2.0: Who wants my iPod nano?


A few weeks ago I was a runnner up in the BBC’s reboot competition to redesign their home page. My prize was an iPod nano which I recieved from White City last week. But I’m happy with my shuffle, and since I recently celebrated my new found employment by buying my friends 30gb iPods, I thought one of you might like it. Not to devalue the prize the BBC gave me, its frieken awesome, I just thought someone would probably get better use out of it then me.

So, if a brand new 4gb iPod nano sounds good, leave a comment on this post and I’ll randomly pick someone on **Tuesday the 15th**.

One comment per person, and make sure you use a real email address. Anyone in the world can enter, and just realise your comment may need moderation before it appears.

Update: Lilian from Sydney won! Thanks to everyone who entered and should I find anything else cool to give away you’ll all be the first to know.

Well that didn’t take long.


The Chaser’s War on Everything didn’t seem to appear on iTunes (direct link) untill Sunday and within the day it jumped from #34, to #18, and today it toppled Rove for the #1 spot.

JTV still doesn’t seem to be listed yet, but it will interesting to see where that lands, and hopefully the ABC will reveal some download figures as well.

In summary.. this is awesome.



I started working full time for the first time in my life about a month ago, and in an orgy of random gift giving I bought four of my friends iPods last week, above was the resulting mess from my hastily planned surprise Christmas in July for them.