Toshiba use 200 cameras to try and sell you a TV.

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Shot using 200 cameras, and costing £3 million, this new commercial from Toshiba employs a new filming technique dubbed “timesculpture“, an evolution of the “bullet time” method made famous by The Matrix.

Like any good ident, I like a commercial to be elaborate, ambitious, and just a little bit pointless. Toshiba ticks all the boxes with this new ad, and while clearly a play to get the kind of buzz generated by the brilliant Sony Bravia commercials, this spot is a notable effort, and reminded me that Toshiba actually made televisions.

And although I’ve suddenly find myself in the market for a TV, I’m not sure it will be a Toshiba yet. That said, I started drinking Schweppes after this amazing commercial, so maybe I’m more susceptible to advertising then I thought.

7 Responses to “Toshiba use 200 cameras to try and sell you a TV.”

  • Despite the ad being awsome, i really really like the Toshiba-logo at the end. I’ve never seen it before, but it fits perfectly.

  • To be honest, I don’t find it so impressive. Been there, done that.

  • Cool ad, but I don’t think Sony quite have anything to worry about!

    The Toshiba ad gets a gold star from me for using Air War by Crystal Castles though!

  • Impressive, but not impressive enough compared to Sony’s “Balls” or “Paint Ballet.” Good effort, though.

  • Thank you, ppch1337, for revealing the name of the song! I fell in love with it instantly and thought I’d never be able to find it- cheers! Great ad as will, inspiring stuff!

  • It’s a good commercial but I dont think Sony needs to worry too much. After all, aren’t they the biggest tech company?


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