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Toshiba use 200 cameras to try and sell you a TV.

Cool new ad for Toshiba.

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Shot using 200 cameras, and costing £3 million, this new commercial from Toshiba employs a new filming technique dubbed “timesculpture“, an evolution of the “bullet time” method made famous by The Matrix.

Like any good ident, I like a commercial to be elaborate, ambitious, and just a little bit pointless. Toshiba ticks all the boxes with this new ad, and while clearly a play to get the kind of buzz generated by the brilliant Sony Bravia commercials, this spot is a notable effort, and reminded me that Toshiba actually made televisions.

And although I’ve suddenly find myself in the market for a TV, I’m not sure it will be a Toshiba yet. That said, I started drinking Schweppes after this amazing commercial, so maybe I’m more susceptible to advertising then I thought.

7 replies on “Toshiba use 200 cameras to try and sell you a TV.”

Despite the ad being awsome, i really really like the Toshiba-logo at the end. I’ve never seen it before, but it fits perfectly.

Cool ad, but I don’t think Sony quite have anything to worry about!

The Toshiba ad gets a gold star from me for using Air War by Crystal Castles though!

Impressive, but not impressive enough compared to Sony’s “Balls” or “Paint Ballet.” Good effort, though.

Thank you, ppch1337, for revealing the name of the song! I fell in love with it instantly and thought I’d never be able to find it- cheers! Great ad as will, inspiring stuff!

It’s a good commercial but I dont think Sony needs to worry too much. After all, aren’t they the biggest tech company?

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