BBC One Videos: Promos

One day like this, on the BBC.

Autumn drama on the BBC.

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Ninety second promo for the BBC’s latest batch of new drama. Featuring the likes of Survivors, Little Dorrit, Spooks, Einstein and Eddington, Consuming Passion, Apparitions, Wallander and In Love with Barbara.

All set to the Elbow’s tune “One Day Like This”.

2 replies on “One day like this, on the BBC.”

Finally, “One Day Like This” on a trailer. It always had this movie soundtrack feel with the fields and the meadows, and used to (mostly) good effect here.

The original Wallander, that’s been shown on TV here in Scandinavia, is great! I hope the BBC makes a good version! Subtitles would be a lot cheaper than making your own version, but I guess no one would watch it then…

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