My 500th Post: The Top Seven of 2007.

Based on pageviews alone, the 7 most popular posts this year so far have been:

7The making of Top Gear and the fate of season 10.
6All my life watching America.
5The making of the Six Feet Under title sequence.
4The Simpson’s War on Everything.
3Two stunning minutes of MTV.
2The Chaser’s War on uncut H264 downloads.

and the most popular post of 2007 so far has been…

1The Simpsons very own Channel 4 ident.

I’m glad an ident related post came in number one, but I think overall the top seven represents the right mix of idents, title sequences and television-shows-I-really-like that I hope this blog will continue to embody.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for navigating my varied interests and poor grammar, and a huge thanks to everyone who has sent me videos, much appreciated!

All the best,

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