Will abc.net.au get ads?

abc.net.au with ads

The Managing Director of the ABC unvieled a new plan for the national broadcasters digital future yesterday. While I look forward to more video content online and expanded podcasting (apparently the ABC is the “largest creator of podcasting material in the world “) I’m less enthusiastic at the idea of the ABC carrying ads online.

I know there is the obvious argument that it will bring in revenue with very little effort, but I just believe that we are so fortunate to have a commercial-free national broadcaster. To quote Crikey the ABC needs to remain a “non-commercial public meeting space – a town square rather than a shopping mall”, its something other countries aren’t lucky enough to have and I think we should protect it.

4 Responses to “Will abc.net.au get ads?”

  • I hope you don’t get ads on ABC, otherwise we will have another RTE!


    No Ads, why is there an obsession with some people, eager to have ads on everything????? Do these people see that there are no benefits? Who actually enjoys sitting through ads????

    NO ADS! John’s mockup is enough to show me how i would ruin ABC Online

  • So much for a commercial-free ABC – the BBC only wanted to do it to international readers, so why can’t the ABC?

    I think it’s ludicrous they should be able to get away with this, their website should be an extension of TV and Radio – government-funded, and advertising-free.

  • I think the BBC were going to put benner ads on their international sites a while back. I’m not sure if it actually happened in the end but RTE in Ireland really does look tacky with ads everywhere : http://www.rte.ie.

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