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Life on Mars returns to the BBC, in Colour!

The BBC circa 1973, today (4.3mb) >> To comment and see more from the new season of Life on Mars visit


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This is really pretty smart. Life on Mars, a show about a modern day policeman who gets hit by a car and wakes up in the year 1973 being promoted as if the show was being broadcast on the BBC of the 1970’s.

Its really well done, and the theme continues on their other marketing exercises. Graham snapped the below photo from a bus shelter in London promoting the series return. Keep reading for the photo….


Click to enlarge.

7 replies on “Life on Mars returns to the BBC, in Colour!”

It’s a wonderful idea to promote an excellent series…looking forward to its return and I can only hope BBC Presentation (or whatever they’re known as these days!) are bold enough to open the first show with the 70s globe ident. After all, it keeps to their ‘circle’ theme!

That would a great idea Asa! I really hope so too…it would even better if someone tapes that for us to see! (I’m currently in Italy)

I have to say this was a great graphic idea you don’t see everyday…oh, BBC nostalgia…

Did you know that there is a special BBC wales version of the early 70’s blue globe ident used for the program.

Its the normal globe but with arial round font below saying BBC Wales. The three slanted BBC boxes are not shown.

Andrew. In the vallies near Cardiff.

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