Chas’ day in court.


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News report from the ABC about Chas’ court appearance over the whole Bulldogs thing.

6 Responses to “Chas’ day in court.”

  • Are the logos on the mics real? They look like stuff the Chaser would actually make up!

  • Yep, the mics are real – they’re for 2GB, Nova 969, 2UE, WSFM and 2DayFM.

    I like how those footy cliches snuck through – d’you think anyone in the media scrum got it?

  • One, Two, Three, Four, Five. Five microphones.

    Anything concerning TV stars is newsworthy, apparently. I wonder how many microphones Naomi gets when she turns up in court.

    (I love War on Everything, thanks very much for helping me finding out that they existed!)

  • Pitty he didn’t get as many microphones as the Iranian President…

  • Brilliant use of Sports Cliches by Chas.

  • If Chas collides with some president then he’ll get a lot of microphones.

    Nevertheless it’s ironic thinking that Chas did get first mention on 2UE (as shown on the Chaser) than the Hezbollah going against Israel.

    Celebrities, oh celebrities.

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