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I’m alright: Jana signs off.

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Jana Wendt’s final seeya on today’s Sunday program. The show is being retooled and the new “chattier”, Weekend Sunrise’d version will be hosted by Ellen Fanning and Ross Greenwood (neither of whom I recall ever being that interesting).

So, has Eddie done anything to help the image of Nine since becoming boss?

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wow i thourght eddie made the disicion to keep her on sunday oh well sunrise is still gonna kick the new shows arse

Poor Jana.

A woman of such class.

She really needs to get a gig on the ABC, the only channel that tries to do news and current affairs.

Anyone else think that her saying ‘I’m alright’ was not just referring to the song???

I think Sunday is a good program with more journalistic integrity than any other Nine program. The “Hypotheticals” that are shown occassionally are really good. But I can see why they want a chattier program.

I think 9 is too concerned about competing and copying 7’s Sunrise and Weekend Sunrise, I believe that there is room for both, 9 won’t be able to compete with 7 but it will have a loyal audience base, they are now just going to be branded as copiers! and Ellen Fanning and Ross Greenwood arn’t exactly suited for a chattier format, i don’t think either could chat there way out of a paper bag. Personally I’ll be stickin with Kochie and Mel and Andrew and Lisa on Sundays.

Look, at the end of the day Jana is a respected Australian journalist on a quiet and classy show that is on at the same time as a successful and popular show. We know which one will win, although ‘Sunday’ is a great Australian journalistic program, it is aired on a Sunday morning when most of us have to go to work, school, or something along those lines on the next day. There will always be a handful of people who will watch a show like that but unfortunatley that doesn’t meet the ‘Eddie Standard’… If its not getting viewers it’s not to worry, but if it’s not making money then it’s not worth it.

Nine!!! Shame, Shame, Shame !!! the one good thing about your network Jana Wendt !!! Gone!!!!! you are a bunch on cockheads!!!

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