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Tonight’s Chaser: Chris Taylor on ABC Canberra

Tonights mess of a show (2.3mb) >> To comment and see videos visit

> MP3 Download (4m02s / 2.3mb) Recorded from ABC 666 Canberra at 7:25am.

Chris Taylor talks to Ross Solly about the Chaser’s appearance on Good Morning America, Chas’ day in court, and tonights mess of a show. Watch the second last Chaser tonight at 10pm on ABC or just podcast it.

3 replies on “Tonight’s Chaser: Chris Taylor on ABC Canberra”

I must admit, I didn’t like this weeks episode.

It seems as though they are stretching the format a bit as they near the end of the series. Perhaps out of ideas?

As the weeks have gone on we’ve seen less and less satirical comment and parodies, and more unoriginal sketches and stupid stunts/games. You might as well watch your average comedy sketch show.

That is not why we watch The Chaser, and by now, they should know that.

I get the feeling that they are running low on material – hopefully they can come back on the next series with some new stuff.

The model/catwalk sketch just seemed totally lame.

Andrew Hansen still makes me laugh though 🙂

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