Clarkson’s commentary on the state of news


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I know some people don’t like Jeremy Clarkson (I believe there was some sort of pie throwing incident), but for the few years I’ve been watching Top Gear I’ve grown to really like him. So as odd as it was, it shouldn’t have come as any surprise when he decided to use this weeks “news” section of Top Gear to make his own little commentary on the state of modern news broadcasts.

This is what you do on the news today, haven’t you been watching news bulletins? They’ll walk around with a bit of paper and then they talk to a camera, and for no obvious reason switch to another… I’m going to do the next bit like Channel Five. Have you seen Kirsty Young? She’s always half way up a staircase.

I wonder how long it will be before we see Virginia Hausegger leaning against the news desk holding a bit of paper (or worse one of those tablet PC’s)… I’m sure the ABC wouldn’t do that.

4 Responses to “Clarkson’s commentary on the state of news”

  • His observations on the world are sometimes thought a little too close to the bone, but he tells it how it is and he does not intend for his comments to be taken seriously. He is actually quite flattered that people spend so much effort talking about him. His humour is quite unique, and it makes me laugh.

  • any chance you could put up a video of this “Kirsty Young” ?

  • Unfortunately you may have to wait a bit – Kirsty Young is on maternity leave at the moment – Sky News’ Kay Burley is filling in for her over the summer, but maybe she’ll read the news from halway up the staircase as well…

  • Are you sure that ABC wouldn’t do that? I was sure the BBC wouldn’t ever do it… but then look what happened!

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