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Mandy’s War on Everything

Amanda Vanstone guest hosts the Chaser (5.5mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit


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It may have been a ‘Best Of’ episode, but the Chaser certainly gave us a reason to watch this week. Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone played the role of bookends to this weeks episode with her intro and outro (edited together above).

The show may not be getting Wedge-esque ratings, but its certainly being watched by some people who matter. Its definitely starting to play the role of an “Australian Daily Show” for our political/media scene.

4 replies on “Mandy’s War on Everything”

Amanda’s always been one to make (and take) a joke. For those of you old enough to remember, cast your minds back to Paul McDermott’s Good News Week where Amanda was a regular guest.

Say all you want about Amanda, but she’s one of only a few pollies out there who’s more than happy to have some real fun by getting in on the act now and again.

I loved GNW! so disapointed that it isn’t on anymore! Mandy is a champ, even if she is a pollie, doin a darn good job with her portfolio as well!

Thanks for that one, John. That was a good episode, even if it only comprised “rehashed” clips. Would it be possible to get the closer bit with Andrew singing?

Whilst I don’t agree with the politics from her side of the divide, she’s one of a few politicians with what resembles a sense of humour. And one of many politicians with such shocking dress sense.

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