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BBC is to our ABC, as ITV is to our… ?

Channel 4 news opener (11mb) >> To comment and see the ITV and Five openers visit


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In a week that I blogged Australia’s three commercial network and two public broadcaster news openers I thought I’d round it all out with these three commercial news openers from the UK.

I’ve already posted the BBC News openers, and while they remain my favourite I do like the Channel 4 set.

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I’ll pretend I know something again – but yes, I agree the C4 set is snazzier, so to speak. There’s something jarring with the ITV1 news set, though. It seems, what, too fake?

The way I see it, the closest approximation, in terms of overall cahnnel output:

BBC1 = Channel 9
ITV = Channel 7
C4 = SBS
Five = Channel 10

Now obviously, Channel 9 is nowhere near as good as BBC1, but this is the closest approximation, I think.

That’s about right I reckon, except although Channel 4 is like SBS in some respects (public service ethos, commitment to covering challenging subjects, etc.) I don’t think SBS would show Big Brother, or Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares! A lot of the stuff that would have been shown on Channel 4 in ‘the old days’ is now on More4 (at least at first).

Five is very much like Channel 10 – seems to be endless showings of American series such as Law & Order, House, etc. All they need now is the Simpsons…

OK, here is how i see it (compared to Andy OZ)

BBC2=ABC2 (Only ABC2 is a digital channel right)
ITV= Channel 7 & Channel 9
C4=SBS (or maybe Channel 10)
Five = Channel 7 & Channel 9

And Sky’s services also feel like Channel 7 & Channel 9!

ITV looks fake…Because its news is a joke!
And Five’s news should really be called “Sky News on Five”
So if you want near accrute news, choose the BBC or Channel 4 to provide it.

Thank you for sharing these with us though I still think none of the UK channels idents stand a change againts the BBC news idents…

If someday soon, the BBC news idents have to change…I just hope that their tune and design stay as cool as the current one.

Melissa Adkins, they are called openers or titles not idents, btw 😉

I like Channel 4 News better compared to ITV News, ITV News have gone downhill they are soo sensationalistic, and tabloidy.

Hells Bells something is wrong in Britain! i don’t care for ch4 at all! The music and graphics are so dated! It has a very Totally Ten News for kids feel. And as for ch5, the graphics remind me of the Prime (7’s country affiliate) or Foxtel’s logo from a few years back and why is that Sandra sully esque woman sitting on a couch barking the news at me? It looks like Sunrise or the Today show or something! and while i like ITV’s music the graphics are turn of the century and are suspiciously similar to Seven’s 2000 olympic graphics package and why oh why are they standind on a star trek transporter pad? in a badly computer enhanced cheap looking set? In fact all of the sets look cheap of my opinion. I’m not saying out newses have lavish budgets, SBS and ABC don’t but the graphics are better and the anchors aren’t flouncing around a set or relexin on the couch!

Whilst I’m not a fan of Five News or ITV News, I do like the Channel 4 News graphics and set – although as far as I know the music has changed little in a decade or more. As for SBS World News, I reckon it looks like something that would come out of a Moscow or some other low-budget eastern European broadcaster with a low-grade graphics package… sorry!

As for the standing up walking around thing – there seems to be very few news broadcasts that don’t do it now unfortunately – only BBC News 24, Newsnight, and BBC Four’s The World I think. I remember Five news was the first to do it years ago and it got slated for it!

The ITV set might look cheap but its actually really good once their graphics are up. In fact, they spent quite a lot of money on this set, more than BBC’s previous set, which came around the same time

I had NO idea the Channel 4 News music was the same as it was in the late 1980s!! Talk about a shock!! It was never my favorite news theme as such, but I appreciated it, then and now. Wow. And I dig the open!

That’s very impressive how it opens with those images like that.

Also, 20 years ago, they were opening Channel 4 News the same way.. with one voice-over, no music, then press play on the open.

Always rated Jon!!!

Don’t like the set so much.. but I’m not a fan of much standing (like that for one) anyway

don’t really dig all that 3D stuff on five. Don’t like the open.

The anchor has a bit of “deer in the headlights” about her… sorry!

The set…. grrrrrrr, not big on.

ITV: It’s a travesty what’s happened to ITN. Apart from that, the open’s awful! And the set… don’t even want to go near that. The anchors are not too crash hot either, nor is that opening studio presentation. I don’t see good chemistry out of those anchors…. the standing up probably adds to the awkwardness.

the open is just not impressive. what is with all those ‘people’ in it? And it looks exactly like the BBC One O’Clock News opener from 1989.

This is how I see the UK/Oz channel comparisions:


The public broadcasting powerhouses. Plus, both channels show Doctor Who, Dalziel And Pascoe and Silent Witness.


The public broadcasters who cater to the minorities. Plus, both channels show Top Gear and The Hairy Bikers Cookbook.

ITV: Channel 7

The tacky tabloid channels who cater for chavs and bogans. Both channels have LOUD news theme music, and both channels show Heartbeat, Crossing Jordan and William & Mary.

Channel 4: Channel 9
The networks who try to find the best mix of imported and home-grown programming. Both channels show Without A Trace, ER, Frasier and SuperNanny.

Channel 5: Channel 10
The channels who can’t be buggered producing local content and fill their schedules with US programming. Both channels show House, NCIS, Law and Order SVU and Everybody Hates Chris.

In terms of popularity though- whats the Oz order?

In the UK:

BBC 1 – Average reach 44.7%
ITV 1 – 39.2%
Channel 4 – 30.6%
BBC 2 – 23.7%
five – 16.8%

To compare ITV News to Channel 7 is a little silly, when last did you see a 7 lead story with a correspondent reporting from the Israel-Palestine conflict like Julian Manyon’s piece? Even with Australian involvement in East Timor the coverage has been fairly flimsy, plus 7,9,10,ABC and SBS rely to a greater or lesser extent on their British partners for news, I’ve never seen a Channel 9 report on ITV News nor a 7 report on Sky, nor a 10/ABC/SBS report on the Beeb – this tells its own story. The Channel 7 studio and graphics are good, the use of NBC’s music is perhaps the highlight and if ITV’s set is fake what on earth is Channel 9’s?

Australian news has it merits, it cuts out the crap whereas the Brits can be somewhat verbose at times, but comparing them is like comparing men and boys.

PS: Give me Huw Edwards, Jon Snow, Mark Austin over Ian Ross any day.

Ok, everyone hates ITV. BUT ITV News AND Channel 4 News are produced by ITN. Also, the Channel 4 theme has been the same since 1982 (but they’ve had synthesized versions until about 1999).

Why can we get BBC & ITV in Ireland and not Channels 4 & 5? If they have a problem with the rights to shows they’d be the same for ITV, wouldn’t they?

Matt said:

In terms of popularity though- whats the Oz order?

In the UK:

BBC 1 – Average reach 44.7%
ITV 1 – 39.2%
Channel 4 – 30.6%
BBC 2 – 23.7%
five – 16.8%


Wow, letting the channels have control of the ratings sure has had an interesting result…they have a 155% share!

In terms of OZ news popularity:

Seven News: 1.5 mill
Nine News: 1.3 mill
ABC News: 1.1 mill
Ten News: a lot less
SBS News: even less

I’ve just had a look through the videos and ITV News and C4 News definatly share a common backdrop in ITN’s Grays Inn Road complex – just subsitiue the Purple for Viridian and zoom it in a bit.

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