Nine Network Videos: Promos

Good show, bad promo, wrong network.

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Weeds is a brilliant show, and just like with Big Love you don’t have to be into polygamy (or in this case marijuana) to appreciate it.

Season three has just started in the US, but fans have probably already seen the first four episodes which were leaked pre TX with all but the blessing of the shows creator (don’t you love progressive television folk?).

Channel Nine have started spruiking the September/October return of season two with this promo. Now I don’t know if its just me, but the music choice/volume just seems totally incorrect even for my young ears. When I first saw it, I actually thought iTunes had started playing over it, thats how disconnected it seems from the footage.

Now, if you’re eagerly awaiting the shows return on Nine, firstly let me welcome you to the club of Weeds fans, but for the love of god, just download it, you know Nine is going to end up pissing you off somehow.