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Good show, bad promo, wrong network.

Weeds is coming back to Nine.. but seriously, just download it (4.8mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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Weeds is a brilliant show, and just like with Big Love you don’t have to be into polygamy (or in this case marijuana) to appreciate it.

Season three has just started in the US, but fans have probably already seen the first four episodes which were leaked pre TX with all but the blessing of the shows creator (don’t you love progressive television folk?).

Channel Nine have started spruiking the September/October return of season two with this promo. Now I don’t know if its just me, but the music choice/volume just seems totally incorrect even for my young ears. When I first saw it, I actually thought iTunes had started playing over it, thats how disconnected it seems from the footage.

Now, if you’re eagerly awaiting the shows return on Nine, firstly let me welcome you to the club of Weeds fans, but for the love of god, just download it, you know Nine is going to end up pissing you off somehow.

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ch 9 always make shithouse promos tho – well sorry – to clarify – they’re internal promo dept ‘9mm films’ are absolutely appaling. Anything they do externally is passable… though usually subject to some suspect ‘creative’ desiscions within the organisation. but their internal promos are almost as bad as the ABC’s.

9 has no clue! And cleary does not know what to do with this show. It is a great show too. Interestingly, because of the big fight Nine and Win are having over their affiliate arrangement Win has pulled the feed of Kerri Ann, Fresh and NNN Morning Edition. Bruce Gordron, head of WIN, is threatening to pull the 9 feed altogher and source all his own programming for the WIN network which also owns 9 Perth and Adelaide. He would be more than capable, they could make their own on the money saved from not paying 9 and he has great connections in the US, he was head of Paramount TV

Totally agree. Have already seen the first 4 episodes of Season 3, and they’re AMAZING.

What’s with the voice-over in this promo? Is it like a faux American accent? And clearly Channel 9 are too scared to actually talk about anything that the show is actually about! Worst promo ever!

it does look to be an awkward promo. I’ve never seen Weeds but from what I gather it doesn’t seem to match this style of promo/music at all. And as has already been mentioned, it doesn’t seem to touch on the actual premise of the show at all.

As to the audio, is that just a WIN-based voice and soundtrack (which can sometimes be a bit dodgy when regionals do their own tampering over the top of network-fed promos) or is it identical to Nine?

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