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Marc Fennell vs Television Idents.

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Facebook friend, real world acquaintance, Triple J film critic, and all round good guy Marc Fennell has managed to sum up in six minutes, what this blog has been trying to say for over (oh my god, its been) four years.

Marc’s succinct and entertaining Charlie Brooker-esque take on all things television idents is a refreshing and fun look at the little known genre most people don’t even notice, but that we’re all strangely interested in.

(Also, Marc has a show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, check it out.)

ABC2 Videos: TV

Don’t fight it, if you don’t know what it is.

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It’s Australia Day today, which means its time to count down the 100 best songs of last year with Triple J. The hottest 100 is one of the largest song polls in the world, and while last year the amazing ‘One Crowded Hour’ took out the top spot, this year perhaps my favourite song of 2007 came in at number ten.

The song is ‘Don’t Fight It’ by Perth band The Panics, you might just like it too.

ABC1 Videos: Idents

Cross platform music on your ABC.

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The ABC has you covered when it comes to new music. With Rage, JTV, and Triple J coming at you online, over the airwaves, and in your downloads.

Music joins the rest of the zspace created “Cross Platform” idents here.

ABC1 BBC One Channel Five Videos: TV

The adventures of Augie March.

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Never has a song I voted for in Triple J’s hottest 100 come in at number one. The highest was number four. So you can imagine my excitement when Friday morning last week, listening to a stream of the countdown from Paris I heard that the phenomenal One Crowded Hour by Augie March took out the top position in the most voted public song poll in the world. Enjoy!

ABC1 Videos: TV

Like a Version: Such Great Heights.


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UPDATE: The Kooks sing MGMT with their version of Kids (2.7mb).

I love cover versions of songs. Good ones can be awesome and I think the reinterpretation of an existing text is something that has so much potential, whether its music, literature, movies or television. The above video is this week’s like a version from triple j with Ben Folds doing a piano and percussion heavy cover of The Postal Service’s ‘Such Great Heights’.

Random and sometimes surprising covers often turn up on Hype Machine, so check it out. Along with the Ben Folds cover mp3 here is some tracks I’ve stumbled upon lately.

> Ben Folds sings The Postal Service with Such Great Heights (5.1mb)
> David Gray sings The Killers with Smile Like You Mean It (3.3mb)
> Mystery Jets sing Bloc Party with The Pioneers (4.4mb)
> Editors sing Gorillaz with Feel Good Inc (4.1mb)