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Marc Fennell vs Television Idents.

Marc Fennell summaries my entire blog for you.

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Facebook friend, real world acquaintance, Triple J film critic, and all round good guy Marc Fennell has managed to sum up in six minutes, what this blog has been trying to say for over (oh my god, its been) four years.

Marc’s succinct and entertaining Charlie Brooker-esque take on all things television idents is a refreshing and fun look at the little known genre most people don’t even notice, but that we’re all strangely interested in.

(Also, Marc has a show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, check it out.)

18 replies on “Marc Fennell vs Television Idents.”

Seriously?… please? I forgot that copying the US ABCs logo and emulating their IDs promos lineups etc. Constituted an original concept? PLease feel free to set me straight on this but come on.

Although I so agree with the comments about the rest.

From 4:54 – 5:02 you can see ‘AustralianABC’ down the bottom of the page!
What a privilege to have that done to me! 😛

I never agree with anything Marc Fennel says…

…and this is no exception.

I’m sorry, but Marc has the type of personality that makes you want to lock him in a small, dark room.

I’ve suffered through his film ‘reviews’ on Triple J for a few years and this video is a perfect example of his belief that ‘overdoing’ everything makes it funny. It doesn’t. You know what is funny? Charlie Brooker’s calm, almost boring demeanor. Notice how Charlie doesn’t feel the need to do (sigh) sudden cuts in the middle of a sentence to himself standing more to the left than he was earlier in the sentence.

Ouch AndyOZ. Still, every opinion is valid and i do admit that i rely on techniques like that a bit too much on occasions. And i’d be a particularly big douchebag if i couldnt handle other people reviewing me, so its fair enough.

Tez, i’ve never noticed any similarity between ABC USA and Ten Australia, i would love to see some clips though.

Alex, thanks for posting it, ur posts made my life much easier.

I always got the impression the Ten presentation was universally hated.

Seven’s One to Watch era was superb, but what followed isn’t. Apart from that though from what I’ve seen there’s been very little of note ident wise from Australia.

Marc go to you tube and checout clips of ABC USA circa 2002. that year Ten ran identical linups ids etc. And hasn’t moved on a great deal since (well a bit) . Its sad.

Try about 2000-2001 – the slogan was “Definitely abc”, and at least of them used Coldplay’s “Yellow”. Sound familiar. Also, if you want to extend the association to station logos, Ten’s ‘glossy button’ (first seen on Ten HD) looks like the brother of abc’s current logo.

yeah okay, i see it for sure. God, that Yellow they use is particularly hideous isn’t it. Okay at risk of sounding like a total Ten groupie, I think they may have ripped it off and made it better. And lets be honest, how often does that happen when seven, nine or the abc rip off something. I swear I’m not on the take from Ten. Scouts honour:) Thanks for helpin me find the videos guys, I really really appreciate it.

Okay, I get that this video is just your opinion Marc, and is clearly not a subjective analysis, but either you’re very biased or (more likely) you simply haven’t done your homework.

You point out that Nine ripped off ABC US while at the same time lauding Seven’s work which was ripped off NBC…

…and say nothing about SBS using a Deep Forest clip as their own…

I notice that he used the “static screen” with the “chh” sound from Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe and Newswipe. If you pause the video you can sort of see the “BBC Four” logo in the corner. 😉

See, here’s the thing Marc – there exists in any audience, those with a tendency to be offended by cheeky, amusing, satire if it’s a little to close to home. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I’ve always felt this is pretty much the point of satire. As such, it’s a little disappointing to see that as a Creative Industry, we’re still a ways off handling criticism when it dares to wander through our front door … even when it’s packaged as an entertaining piece for our amusement. Keep up the good work Marc, and I hope we can learn to start laughing at ourselves a little more.

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