Ten Network Videos: Idents

Everybody needs good neighbours


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This is the latest in Ten’s ‘Seriously’ campaign, this time its just some guy from Neighbours peeling the word ‘seriously’ off the screen to make way for the word Neighbours.

You can also see the other one from this series here.

Ten Network

The Orange County

Ten are brillant at promoting individual programs, they go to the most trouble in spruiking specific shows and the O.C. is no exception.

This is just a screenshot from their O.C. promo but I think its pretty cool.

Big version click here

ABC2 Videos: Idents

Bridge over the big 2.


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This is one of my favoure ABC2 idents to date. Its really well filmed and although the CGI on the ‘big 2’ won’t win an Oscar the whole look of the promo is very very cool and I like the direction this series of ABC2 idents is going.

SBS Videos: Idents

O Captain, my speedboat captain.


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This is one of the “coming next” menus that SBS use, they have a few different background, but its all the same idea. SBS do this sort of thing the best I think, they have always had very good program idents. Goes for about 20 seconds.

ABC2 Videos: Idents

King of the rodeo, let the good times roll.


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Just another ABC2 ident, not my favourite, it may seem like there all country themed but they’re not, will post the Sydney Harbour Bridge one soon.

Ten Network Videos: Idents

Ten, thats what I liked about you.


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This ident for Network Ten is a pasthice of animated and live actions shorts representing shows on the network at the moment. This is an updated version of promo they have been running for a while that changes depending on what shows haven’t been cancelled. Currently Rove Live, The O.C., The X Factor and Neighbours are being used to make up the ident with the song “Thats what I like about you” accompanying it.

This is part of the networks very long running ‘Seriously’ campaign which intially started off with some very cool idents, but its been years since then and there is only so much refreshing of an idea you can do. Of the commercial networks in Australia Network Ten has consistantly produced the best idents but it is about time they gave up on ‘Seriously’.

Something Network Ten are consistanly great at though is show specific promotions, recently the ads for Jamies School Dinners and Queer Eye have been brillant, they really are the only commerical network that go to a lot of trouble to promote individual programs, the other networks just tend to use the same template for every show.

SBS Videos: Idents

Strong Sex Scenes


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This is the third of the “water” themed idents from SBS. I haven’t seen any others but there could be more. I also kept recording after the ident to show the subway inspired ‘Viewer Discretion’ that SBS use.

ABC2 Videos: Idents

Short 2’s

Of the new ABC2 idents there are some really quick ones that only go for about 10 seconds, so I thought I would post them all together.


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Very simple, the image doesn’t even move, it could be a photo, but still short and kinda cool.


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Only thing that moves in this one is the old guy walking up the path, music is annoying but appropriate.


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The most exciting of the three. Good music, good setting.

SBS Videos: Idents

Under the stone theres a stonefish


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SBS in Australia has two additional digital channels, one is SBS World News and the other is SBS Electronic Program Guide. This ident is from the EPG channel. The songs played on the channel change constantly, but the video I’ve posted has End of May by Keren playing in the background.

This was recorded in March but the format is exactly the same.

Seven Network

And on the 7th day..

Here are some stills showing the set and some of the design used in Seven News broadcasts. I like the transparency used in the news bar on the bottom of the screen too. The image behind the anchor of the control room isn’t that exciting though.


7newshah 7newshoward 7weather

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