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And on the 7th day..

Here are some stills showing the set and some of the design used in Seven News broadcasts. I like the transparency used in the news bar on the bottom of the screen too. The image behind the anchor of the control room isn’t that exciting though.


7newshah 7newshoward 7weather

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I’m not a fan of the background behind the anchor either. But I’d much prefer that than Nine’s completely ‘green screen” backgound. That’s all Nine has and it’s not even that good.

I do like the abstract work on the sides of the set and at least with a big screen you dont get the green/blue outline around the anchors

the regional news is better with the live cam pic from somewer in melbourne or sydney, morning news is crap becasue it is national and seven, unlike 9, obviousley don;t want to regionalise to much

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