SBS Videos: Idents

Seven billion and counting.. the new look SBS.

SBS celebrates the seven billionth story.

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This new spot for SBS is not only visually beautifully and perfectly timed, its also surprisingly profound, and layered in meaning that only a broadcaster like this would aim for. Created from a collaboration featuring:

contributions from Animal Logic, playwright Caleb Lewis, Indigenous creative agency Gilimbaa, Jam Sydney and Ghanaian born, Australian performer Dorinda Hafner.

Produced by US Sydney, with full credits here.

2 replies on “Seven billion and counting.. the new look SBS.”

They’ll be stuck when we hit eight billion people.
Maybe by then EBS would be Electronic Broadcasting Service…

Nice! I was wondering when SBS would start doing 7 billion! And an aside, thank you so much for this website, I really do think idents are an artform that is so very overlooked. I’m incredibly thankful that I can see them here!

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