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A fresh coat of awesome from Dulux.

Beautiful commercial for Dulux.

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Elaborate, ambitious, dramatic and passionate are some of the words I find myself using when describing something that really impresses me.

Directed by Adam Berg, this beautiful commercial for Dulux ticks all those boxes.

2 replies on “A fresh coat of awesome from Dulux.”

I watched this film lots of times here and on youtube it looks even better in HD.I think its very artistic and brilliant it captures every essence of whatever the director(s) were trying to achieve, kind of like ‘the passage of time effect’. it was’nt original though, theres a very similar SONY Bravia AD with the colours and stuff but that one employed CGI.
I believe this film was done in stop motion photography with a HD video camera (and lots of video stabalization) with very precise camera movements… perhaps on a dolly. At first I was thinking it would be the MALO but thats very unlikely, mobility wise it would be very difficult to travel with that thing. If you look at the beginning of the parking garage scene….when the camera dolly’s out you can actually see the tracks covered with the plastic. It takes very good eyes to see that.
One the other hand, we all know what the project is about, its to make DULUX look good so that people could buy their paints. But at the same it time sacrifices the cultures of the people involved. I mean lots of artwork, graffity, those indian designes ect, all were covered in those rediculiously bold colours. Im pretty sure that lots of those people are going to disregard and ignore it all, because they will deface it again with more artworks.
Anyway, I must admit the film, it looks really good from the average person’s opinion, Perfect example of hard work with sucess. The soundtrack also, ‘GO DO’ by Jonsi was awsomely strange! I still don’t believe the entire thing was English, many would and won’t agree. Anyway, I think the music was perfect for the film.

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