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Attending the funeral of Big Brother.

Saying goodbye to Big Brother.

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Over the past decade the Big Brother format has swept the world, and along with it broadcast thousands of hours of people sleeping. It’s had an enormous cultural impact, made this guy incredibly wealthy and at least a couple people mildly famous.

But the format has been losing steam for a while now, the Australian version wrapped up in 2008, and now in 2010 the British version is also saying goodbye.

The final season is embracing its impending death, with a strange circus themed title sequence, and a rather witty promo featuring former housemates attending the shows funeral. It’s nice that the show is acknowledging its departure from British television screens with as much dignity a show like this can muster.

– Big thanks to Craig for the videos.

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As Ornsack said, there’s an Aussie on our (UK) version of BB, for the simple reason that BB Australia is no longer on!

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