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Sneaking a peek at SBS Two.

A new channel, starting June 1st.

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SBS Two means more of the world’s best stories, more in-language and first-run films, more sport, more news and current affairs and more chances to engage with the best that the world has to offer

Managing director Shaun Brown talking about SBS Two, which hits our screens tomorrow night from 6pm. Until then though, check out this thoroughly engaging new ident for the channel.

Update: Check out below for a look at the new channels idents and promos.

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6 replies on “Sneaking a peek at SBS Two.”

Thought this was a Freeview Ad the first time I saw it – all effect and no substance.

I only got to see one promo after Top Gear tonight, but it looks like SBS has not only become SBS One, but it’s also got new promos too. The one I saw was like the Red ident for SBS Two, but it was blue.

Wow! The standards of presentation at SBS are amazing! Five stars from me. I assume that SBS1 is up for an overhaul (they can’t call themselves just ‘SBS’ anymore).

Btw, thanks to this website, I can see they got the voice activated ID idea from their Welsh counterparts at S4/C…

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