ABC1 Videos: Chaser's War

The Chaser returns for its third season.

After 17 months, The Chaser returns.

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The smartest, funniest, most talked about show on Australian television returns to ABC1 this Wednesday night at 9pm for its third season after 17 months off air.

Catch up on season two, from all the way back in 2007 here.

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Please upload the third season for us non-Australian residents. The ABC doesn’t let me download their Chaser podcast…

Apparently most of this season’s stunts were filmed overseas, so nobody would know who they were… be interested to see what they’ve come up with.

I think Chaser is one of the unfunniest programs on TV. Smart? Seems more juvenile to me.

Here’s an idea; name a television show that’s funnier than the Chaser’s War on Everything; if it’s one of the ‘unfunniest’ shows, there must be a lot of funny television I’m missing out on. The Chaser is smart; although the War features a lot more confrontational humour than their previous shows, there’s usually a social commentary (read: Satire) behind it – perhaps just a lame justification for annoying security guards – but most of their material actually has a purpose.

Irritating people on the street, in cheap fast food restaurants, shopping malls doesn’t entertain me. How is that smart and clever? Give me anything by the Working Dog team (The Late Show, Fontline, The Hollowmen). Even Kath an Kim despite being a sketch done to death is more sophisticated and more funny than Chaser. Perhaps I’m in a minority here… I can handle that. I’ll give Chaser another go.

Finally, after a two year wait the Chaser returns to the airwaves. But not having the pleasure of being in the Commonwealth I can’t watch it. Please start uploading the HQ vids!

The Chaser Team are so self-satisfied, smug and unoriginal that it’s beyond belief. They think they are sooooo smart it makes me want to Uzi the lot of them. The onion/brass eye and The Day Today did things far better and earlier.

Support The Chaser? Join the cause! The Chaser do not deserve their suspension and censoring!

Upon hearing the news of The Chaser’s two week suspension from the airwaves my friend and I created a Facebook group in protest. We believe that the censorship and subsequent banning was unwarranted and has set a bad precedent. Once one group can have something pulled for finding it offensive, others can have something else pulled because they’re offended and so on.

Our goal of this group is to unite all The Chaser supporters together and gain 1000 or more members to present to the ABC as a petition in opposition to the censorship of The Chaser and to encourage the ABC to keep the full 10 episodes in the season.

We believe that there are two sides to every story. Two opinions to every controversy.
It is, after all, called The Chaser’s War on EVERYTHING.

If you have a Facebook account, and agree with this sentiment, we ask you to join.
Our group can be found at:

Alex and Sigrid

BBC Four have picked up The Chaser’s War on Everything here in the UK, starting next week 😀

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