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Another Freeview advert with not much to say.

Freeview Australia launches another commercial.

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It really shouldn’t be this hard a thing to sell, or this easily screwed up, but here we are again with Australia’s free to air broadcasters banding together to get us excited about the Freeview platform.

Something that will actually get people excited about Freeview? The impending launch of ABC3, SBS Two and whatever Nine and Seven are going to get around to broadcasting, not this ad.

4 replies on “Another Freeview advert with not much to say.”

“Five more channels” is a bit misleading, I think.
ABC2 and One are the only real extra channels right now, since the other three are mostly simulcast. Is ABC3 even going ahead?

If the idea was to demonstrate how tired and dreary the programming on these channels is, then job done.

yep … nothing like Australian television to take
at least 60 seconds to tell you nothing at all about something that isn’t quite a reality yet.

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